About ENVX Symposium

Lewis & Clark College’s Environmental Studies Program sponsors an annual Symposium series of events, building on the broad theme of Environment Across Boundaries (ENVX). ENVX speaks to how our students cross a wide range of intellectual boundaries as they seek new scholarly concepts and skills; geographic boundaries as they apply these concepts and skills to explore environmental issues around the world; and communication boundaries as they engage with people on all sides of these issues, ideally working toward mutual respect and collaborative solutions. Symposium offers the Lewis & Clark community and general public an opportunity to experience this broader approach to environment.

Our 25th annual Symposium, “Deconstructing the Apocalypse: Holistic Evaluations of Climate Futures,” will be held October 16-20, 2022.  The symposium will include a keynote address, panel conversations, art events, and a career fair. 

We welcome you to cross intellectual, geographic, and communication boundaries with us in the context of some of the most important environmental issues we face today.  


L&C’s five academic student-led symposia reflect our commitment to inquiry, innovation, collaboration, and global engagement.