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Environmental Affairs Symposium

Environmental Engagement in Tough Times (20th Annual Symposium)

See here for info on spring 2018 field engagement opportunities! Fall 2017 activities below.

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Lewis & Clark College’s Environmental Studies Program announces its 20th annual Environmental Symposium on the theme “Environmental Engagement in Tough Times.” Perhaps more than ever, environmental issues have become divisive terrain in the U.S., prompting individuals, organizations, and leaders on all sides to mobilize and fight. These actions may be understandable, but they exacerbate an increasingly fractured American society, where people rarely talk to those with whom they disagree. This year’s Symposium launches a yearlong series of events and projects exploring possibilities for engagement across these boundaries, in the context of the major environmental issues of our time.

Lewis & Clark students:

Launch Week: October 24th - 26th, 2017

Keynote Event: “Growth in Portland: Whose Livability?”
Tue Oct 24, 7-9 pm, Ecotrust Building, Portland OR
Admission is free and open to the public | Directions information here

Tough, divisive times are plainly apparent today at the national and global scale. But they also touch down right here in Portland, Oregon, a city that takes pride in its commitments to livability and equity, yet where planning for growth—to some extent inevitable—has exposed big differences among residents, neighborhoods, civic leaders, and commentators. Portland recently approved a 20‐year comprehensive plan designed to enhance livability and equity in the context of large anticipated growth, but debates surrounding this plan can only be expected to grow as it is implemented; see one related ENVS student project here.

Environmental Symposium 2017 will launch via a keynote event titled “Growth in Portland: Whose Livability?” The event starts at 7 pm on Tuesday evening October 24, 2017, in the Ecotrust building in downtown Portland (721 NW 9th Ave.). The event has been organized in collaboration with Oregon Humanities, whose Conversation Project encourages engagement across difference on a variety of themes. The evening event features a brief panel discussion on the Portland comprehensive plan, and opportunity for those in attendance to gain skills in engagement by conversing with each other. Panelists include:

Wed & Thu Oct 25-26: Followup Events for L&C Community

Symposium launch week will also include events for the L&C community to gain skills in environmental engagement, and to prepare to submit proposals for followup events and projects during the 2017-18 academic year, including:

  • Wed 5-9 pm, Stamm Hall: Environmental engagement training (with light meal), co-facilitated by ENVS and Oregon Humanities
  • Thu 5-8 pm, Stamm Hall: Engagement event/project proposal workshop (with light meal)

Environmental Affairs Symposium

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