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Inside L&C

We’re excited to have you join our community of scholars, athletes, artists, and adventurers this fall, but we know you still may have a tough decision ahead of you. That’s why we’ve created Inside L&C: to help you explore your Pacific Northwest home.

Our Campus Is Even Prettier in Person

Come see for yourself.

We also offer special programming and visit options, just for admitted students and their families.
For more information, visit your Pioneer Portal!

Note: In response to national concerns about COVID-19, our campus visit program is open, but we are using caution in determining how many visitors may be on campus at a time. We regret that we are not able to accommodate walk-in visitors at this time.

Connect With Us

We encourage you to connect with as many people as you can in our community. Your admissions counselor, current students, parents of current students, and even faculty members are just an email away! You can also check out the Real Life student blog, where our students share about their academic and social life on campus, in Portland, the Pacific Northwest, and abroad.

And last but certainly not least, connect with your fellow admitted students by joining the Admitted Student Facebook page, exclusively for first-year and transfer students. Also don’t forget to register for a New Student Trip in May!

Ready to say yes to L&C?

  • Portland is big enough to feel like a city but it’s not overwhelming for someone who isn’t super accustomed to urban areas like San Francisco or New York.

    Channing Stirrat BA ’21
    Tucson, Arizona
    More about Channing
  • For anyone who is looking to get involved with research on campus, don’t be shy! The professors are wonderful and enjoy working with students.

    Luca Sax BA ’22
    Munich, Germany
    More about Luca
  • Professor Liz Safran has pushed me to do work beyond what I thought I was capable of. In doing so, she has helped me become a better scholar and never lets me settle for anything less than my best.

    Christopher Plechot Binder BA ’21
    Santa Cruz, California
    More about Christopher