Associated Student Body (ASB)

The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the undergraduate student government, composed of 11 Cabinet members, 21 Senators, and various Committee Members.

Managing the Student Fee, hosting forums between admin and students to advocate the student voice, and providing resources for students are ASB tasks meant to keep our Pio community lively and proactive!

Common links for L&C Students:

  1. Finance Committee Page — Visit this link to begin or appeal your club’s budget. 
  2. SAAB Tutoring — Learn how to get peer-tutoring for your classes.
  3. Information on Committees — Explore the student-led committees that keep ASB running!
  4. Senate Schedule — Agendas, minutes, and more information about weekly Senate meetings.
  5. ASB Committees Document — Join an ASB Committee.
  6. Commuter Carpool Bulletin — Sign up to be a passenger or driver to ease parking congestion.