Transferring Credit

Transfer Credit Evaluation Guidelines

Lewis & Clark evaluates transfer credit on a course-by-course basis only. No block transferring is done, so associate’s and other transfer degrees will not automatically transfer. We generally grant credit for college-level coursework done at other regionally accredited institutions corresponding to what is offered within Lewis & Clark’s curriculum. We will grant credit only for classes in which you earned a grade of C (2.0) or better.

Under no circumstances will credit be granted for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), life experience, credit by examination, or repeated courses. Credit will not be granted for coursework completed over 20 years ago. A maximum of four semester credits of physical education/activity is allowed.

If you are transferring from an institution that is on a quarter system, be aware that one quarter credit equals 0.67 semester credits.

Class Standing

Your class standing upon enrollment at Lewis & Clark is determined by the total number of credits transferred, as follows:

0-28 semester credits = first-year standing
29-60 semester credits = sophomore standing
61-68 semester credits = junior standing

Due to Lewis & Clark’s academic residency graduation requirement (see below), a maximum of 68 semester credits transferred from other institutions can be applied towards the Lewis & Clark degree.

Graduation and Major Requirements

To be awarded a Lewis & Clark degree, students must fulfill the college’s academic residency requirement by completing at least 60 semester credits at Lewis & Clark out of the 128 semester credits required for the degree. Thus, no more than 68 semester credits transferred from other institutions may be applied towards the Lewis & Clark degree.

Transfer credit can be applied toward General Education requirements, major requirements, or elective credits that count toward the 128 needed for the degree. Transfer students must fulfill all Lewis & Clark graduation requirements as outlined in the college catalog, including the General Education requirements.

Admitted students are provided with an initial statement of transfer credit along with the offer of admission. That statement is a preliminary evaluation of the transferability of coursework completed at the time of admission and includes a summary of how transfer credit may be applied towards General Education requirements. If the content of a class cannot be determined from the transcript alone, the statement directs students to provide a detailed course description or syllabus for further consideration.

After the college receives your enrollment deposit, you will receive an official transfer credit evaluation from the registrar’s office including a final statement indicating which courses are applicable toward our General Education requirements. To determine whether previous coursework will satisfy major requirements, you should contact the department or program chair.

Course Equivalencies for Portland Community College Students

While Lewis & Clark evaluates all transfer credit on course-by-course basis only, Portland Community College students focusing on math and science fields will find this course equivalencies sheet helpful in determining how their PCC classes typically transfer to Lewis & Clark.