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On our residential campus, everything you need is right outside your door! On our residential campus, everything you need is right outside your door!

At Lewis & Clark, we rally around shared experience while celebrating and learning from difference.

Eventually, you will find your people and your people will find you.

Yash Bisht
Dehradun, India, and Singapore
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Lewis & Clark is just what I want from college: a community with friendly peers and close student-faculty relationships.

Iris Hu
Shanghai, China
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I find the community through my interests. Bonding with people over different types of outdoor endeavors, musical interests, and academic interests has given me a community with which I can pursue the things I care about most.

Max Morrish
Ashland, Oregon
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Lewis & Clark students pride themselves on being individuals, but that does not diminish the feeling of community that you feel on our campus. You’ll have a chance to both live and study with your classmates, in a close environment that fosters mutual support and understanding.

The members of the Lewis & Clark community represent a wide array of ages, cultures, backgrounds, gender identities, nationalities, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, and beliefs. We embrace them all.

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Fun Times Ahead!

College life is definitely not all work and no play.

Lewis & Clark’s 110+ student-led clubs and organizations are one of the many ways you can kick back, relax, and have fun. Sure, student clubs and orgs also provide opportunities for leadership development, discussion, personal exploration, and intentional learning. But having fun is almost always part of the plan.

We have some clubs you’d expect and some you’d never imagine:

  • Fire dancing
  • Prison abolition
  • Cooking with chemistry

Heart of the City

My favorite thing about living in Portland is the friendliness and acceptance of the community. Every time I go downtown, I’m reminded of how nice and welcoming people can be, from the smiles and hellos on TriMet to food cart owners remembering my face and asking me about life. 

Malavika Arun
Palakkad, Kerala, India
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L&C’s proximity to Portland is great because we have access to tons of shops, major sports teams, and an ever-growing job base.

Brett Sterrer
Martinez, California
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Portland is big enough to feel like a city but it’s not overwhelming for someone who isn’t super accustomed to urban areas like San Francisco or New York.

Channing Stirrat
Tucson, Arizona
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Straddling the line between a big city and a small town, Portland offers attractions and opportunities for almost any interest. Being so close to downtown provides not only boundless entertainment options, but also internship and job opportunities.