Davis Scholarship

The Davis United World College Scholars program, generously funded by the Shelby Davis family, entitles graduates of UWCs to receive a need-based grant of up to $40,000* per year towards the costs of undergraduate study at Lewis & Clark.

Please note: only students who graduate from a United World College are eligible for this scholarship.

Meet our scholars.

UWC graduates who need financial assistance to pay for college should apply to Lewis & Clark for an international student financial aid grant. Admitted UWC students with high-need and superior academic credentials will receive the full amount of their demonstrated need, up to the full cost of attendance.

This Lewis & Clark international student grant can meet a UWC student’s need up to the full costs of tuition, fees, health insurance, room and board, books, transportation, and personal expenses. The enhanced grants are exclusively for first-year applicants who complete the IB diploma before matriculating at Lewis & Clark.

Both the Davis United World College Scholars grant and all Lewis & Clark financial aid grants are multi-year awards (up to four years) and are renewable if the student maintains good academic standing.

Principles and Terms of Davis UWC Scholar Grants

The Goal

Mr. Shelby Davis has close ties to the United World College network and has chosen to make this generous offer to support both UWC students and Lewis & Clark College. Mr. Davis feels the grants will encourage UWC students to continue their education in the US and support Lewis & Clark’s goal of diversifying its student body.

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More Information

If you are a UWC student or graduate applying to Lewis & Clark, you may qualify for a Davis United World College grant. For more information, please contact:

Joshua Ferchau, associate dean of admissions and director of global recruiting