International Student Financial Aid Fact Sheet

Other Working Principles

  • Financial aid awards are based on the following priority—from highest to lowest priority: (1) continuing students; (2) new first-year, degree-seeking students, (3) new students with transfer credit, (4) non-degree seeking students.
  • Students are limited to two semesters of aid per year, normally fall and spring. Students may petition for a summer award, but it is a pro-rated amount and counts as one of the two semesters of aid for the year.
  • Students may apply their awards toward Lewis & Clark overseas programs.
  • Lewis & Clark does not usually grant significant increases in aid after students enroll.
  • Increases in awards are made on a case-by-case basis, and are not determined by the amount of tuition increase.
  • Lewis & Clark does not provide loans to students.
  • Fraudulent documentation can result in suspension of financial aid awards.
  • Lewis & Clark reserves the right to request and examine any records that pertain to a student’s finances. This may include, but is not limited to bank statements, credit card records, payment records, and tax records.