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Transfer Application Checklist

All documents listed below are required for a complete application to Lewis & Clark. Your file will not be reviewed until all documents are received. There is no application fee.
  • Online Common Application, which must include:
    1. A listing of your extracurricular involvement, work experience, and other co-curricular activities. Include this information within the “Experiences” and “Achievements” sections of the “Supporting Information” portion of your Common Application.
    2. A personal statement (250 words minimum) that addresses your academic history and your reasons for wanting to transfer. Upload your statement to the “Documents” section of Lewis & Clark’s program materials portion of your Common Application.
    3. Responses to all Lewis & Clark supplemental questions within the “Questions” section of Lewis & Clark’s program materials portion of your Common Application.
  • Official college transcript(s) for all college coursework completed, including coursework completed prior to high school graduation. Transcripts may be submitted through the Common Application’s transcript request system or you may have official transcripts sent directly to Lewis & Clark. 
  • Official high school transcript including verification of graduation. This is required of all transfer applicants, even if you’ve been out of high school for several years and/or have been awarded an AA degree. If you took the GED or other high school proficiency exam, we require an official score report as well as transcripts for any completed high school coursework. 
  • A record of SAT or ACT scores unless you have verified with the transfer counselor that you will have completed at least 29 semester (44 quarter) transferable credits prior to enrollment at Lewis & Clark. (Learn more about how to submit your test scores on our Policies and Procedures page.) Students applying via the Test-Optional Portfolio Path are not required to submit these scores. 
  • One academic recommendation completed by a college instructor who has taught you in a full credit, traditional academic (non-performance or studio) college class taken post-high school graduation. Test-Optional Portfolio Path applicants must submit two academic instructor evaluations
  • Complete list of current and projected courses. This is a list of all the classes you are currently taking and those you plan to take prior to enrolling at Lewis & Clark. You may use our online form or email with a list of courses. Please be sure to include course numbers, course titles, and the credit amount each course carries.
  • Some applicants may be required to provide a statement of good standing from their current/most recent institution. Not all applicants will be required to provide this documentation. The admissions committee will notify you if this is required and will provide you with instructions on how to obtain the needed information. 
  • FAFSA and CSS Profile
    Transfer applicants who are applying for need-based financial aid should complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile by the March 1 priority deadline to receive full consideration for all sources of need-based aid.

Note: Personal interviews are an optional part of the application process. If you’re wondering whether you should schedule an interview, read the top ten questions about Lewis & Clark College interviews.