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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Women's History Month

Celebrated throughout the entire month of March, the accomplishments of women throughout history are recognized and honored. What started out as a week-long celebration in 1982, has since expanded to an entire month. 


Throughout the month of March, IME coordinates and co-facilitates events to engage with the entire Lewis and Clark community.

Check out the 2017 Women’s History Month Events below!



Healing workshop: The concept of emotional labor opened up the discussion of self-healing and how managing self-healing is just as important as activism. We discussed ways that emotional labor take a toll on one’s health. Yoga club provided a few short exercises as an example of what self-healing could look like.
Interracial relationship dialogue: Rick Williams gave us an inside look into their personal experience dating and befriending white people. They talked about learning what racism looked like growing up and from difficult experiences, learning what she expected from white people whether friend or more.
They spoke about what it meant to have their voice uplifted rather than talked for. Rick Williams also talked about navigating relationships with white people. This meant learning about how much their white partner was an ally and how it wasn’t the person of color’s job to help dismantle their racism. Also, how love can be blinding and takes a lot out of you when your partner isn’t in support.