Social Justice

The Watzek Diversity and Inclusion Resource Guide provides resources to Lewis and Clark students, staff, and faculty focused on diversity and inclusion within higher education. 


Looking for resources to develop facilitation skills that do not engage in oppressive behavior? Check out these guides offered through AORTA: Anti-Oppressive Facilitation Resource and Training Alliance. 


ABC’s of Social Justice (PDF) is a glossary of of words commonly used in conversations about social justice, diversity, and allyship. As a tool meant to promote a shared understanding of socially conscious language, this glossary provides accessible definitions that can be used to facilitate conversation at all levels of knowledge. If you have suggestions or additions for this glossary, please submit them here.


The Living List (PDF), maintained by the Office of the Dean of the College, compiles information about many local multicultural resources. The Portland metropolitan area is home to people of diverse backgrounds that enrich the city through an ever-growing number of community groups, cultural events, and businesses. If you have any suggestions or additions you’d like us to make, please get in touch.  


Language Interpreter Services (Excel)- Need an interpreter for an event? This Excel contains the contact information to outside organizations that provide language interpretation services throughout Portland. 


Diversity Team Builders (PDF) - Looking for activities to facilitate with your fellow students as part of a club, residence hall, or other group? Check out this resource of Diversity Team Builders!