Community Resources

Level 1 - Introduction 

Intersectionality - VIDEO 

Privilege - VIDEO

The Root of Racial Injustice - VIDEO 

Level 2 - Diving Deeper 

Cycle of Oppression - VIDEO

Systemic & Institutional Racism- ARTICLE 

Reverse Racism? - VIDEO

Reverse Racism? Pt. 2 - ARTICLE 

Level 3 - Advanced Critical Engagement 

Cycle of Racial Socialization - JOURNAL ARTICLE 

Anti- Blackness- ARTICLE 


Reflection Questions 
  • How have conversations regarding race looked like in your community? Were they positive or negative experiences? What perhaps led to the positive/negative experience? 
  • What are some challenges that prevent people from engaging with conversations around race? 
  • Growing up, how did you first learn about race? Looking back do you agree/ disagree with how this was portrayed? 
  • How have you seen the terms described in the resources provided used? Do you agree/ disagree? Why? 
  • When addressing issues of race, what role do you envision yourself playing in finding a solution? What are the implications if you become involved/ not involved?