Community Resources

Level 1 Introduction

Perspectives on Transgender Identities - VIDEO

Understanding Gender - WEBPAGE

The Language of Gender - WEBPAGE

Sex? Sexual Orientation? Gender Identity? Gender Expression - ARTICLE

Gender Roles & Stereotypes - VIDEO

“A short history of trans people’s long fight for equality” - VIDEO

Trans 101 - WEBPAGE

Level 2 Diving Deeper

“What we get wrong about Sexism & Misogyny” - ARTICLE

Moving Beyond the Gender Binary - VIDEO

Gender in other cultures - WEBPAGE

Active Allyship: Supporting Trans People - ARTICLE

Level 3 Critical Issues 

Race & Feminism - ARTICLE

“Is Anatomy Destiny?” - VIDEO

Anti- Trans Legislation in the U.S. - ARTICLE

“White Supremacy & Transmisogyny are Cousins”- ARTICLE


Reflection Questions 
  • How would you define sex and gender to a friend or family member?
  • What is your current understanding of gender? How did you arrive this current understanding? What do you still perhaps need more clarification on? 
  • What are 3 examples of gendered every day objects/ words/ phrases/ experiences? Are they concerning? If so, how and if not, why not? 
  • What is a commitment that you can make today to advocate for trans communities? 
  • What do conversations regarding gender look like in your communities? Are they easy to engage in? Are they difficult? Why do you think that is?