IME Wokeshop Series

The purpose of the wokeshop series is to engage in critical reflection, dialogue with people from different backgrounds, explore various identities, and understand systemic privilege and oppression. IME Wokeshops are peer facilitated to create a student space for dialogue.

All IME Wokeshops are free to attend and everyone is welcome!

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Past Wokeshops:

Unpacking Everyday Things with Indigenous Roots 
Let’s All Stop, Think, and Take Action
Managing Mental Health
How Wealth Affects Students 
Activism: Different Ways of Showing Support

Let’s Talk About These Terms: Hispanic, Latino/a, Latinx, Chicano/a
Recognizing Colonized Curriculum
Being a First Generation College Student at LC
Navigating Multiculturalism at LC
Let’s Get Organized
A Conversation About Continuing our Activism

How do our identities intersect with the L&C community?
Let’s Talk About These Terms: Hispanic, Latino/a, Latinx, Chicano/a
The Prison Industrial Complex
Why Does Voting Matter?
Disability Justice in the Age of Covid
Let’s Discuss Interracial Relationships
What is “Blackish”?

2019 - 2020
Financial Diversity
Honoring Trans Lives

Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement Events