Do Good Trouble Summit

A picture of Joann Joann Zhang (she/her)

Joann Zhang, M.Ed is the Director of Inclusion & Multicultural Engagement (IME) office. Joann appreciates having opportunities to connect with students; whether it is helping students explore their identity, discuss the challenges and success of modern society, and/or anything that is top of mind for students. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outside and finding ways to release energy out of her 3 year old dog, Sammy.

What is your leadership style: Finding your activist’s voice

This interactive workshop will help students reflect on who they, the various roles within activism and the may ways of doing activism.

Summer Dae Binder (she/her) Summer Dae

Summer is a senior at Lewis & Clark College double majoring in studio art & international affairs with an interest for social advocacy, political economy, journalism, and sustainability. Her mutual aid circles include Hygiene 4 All and Food Not Bombs. Summer’s inspiration for the Zine Access Project comes from Cara Tomilson’s Art & Ecology class that she took Fall Semester 2023. She hopes that participants can take the skills and praxis from the workshop for use beyond Lewis & Clark.

Zine Access Project 

Attendees will learn how to design and distribute zines (a mini magazine). The zines will be made for accessible distribution for public audiences that incorporate advocacy and self-expression. Attendees can choose a topic that has a consistent theme throughout the work. Zines can encompass many mediums and disciplines including collage, photography, short stories, essays, creative writing, poetry, and politics.

Eeshani Thomas (she/they) Eeshani Thomas

I am a senior at LC and the Chair of the Equity, Inclusion and Justice Committee (EIJC). I am majoring in International Affairs with a minor in Hispanic Studies, and I grew up in Bend, Oregon. Growing up as a a biracial person who benefits from white privilege, it has often been difficult for me to find my place as an activist. Through EIJC I have learned to step up when needed, and also to step back when my voice is not necessary. I am grateful to have found my community of passionate individuals within my university, and I hope everyone who is searching for the same is able to find theirs - whether that is with EIJC or not.

Getting Involved on Campus and in Portland

This workshop will go over the Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Committee, ASB, and other ways to get involved on campus. Additionally, we will make sure everyone is registered to vote or knows how to do so. We will have a discussion on the balance between stepping up and stepping back, and what it means to be a student while also trying to be an activist.

Elena Perrine (she/her) Elena Perrine

Elena is a first-year graduate student in Professional Mental Health Counseling specializing in Addiction (PMHCA) and received a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Lewis & Clark in 2021. She is a graduate assistant in the Health Promotion and Wellness Office alongside Michelle Callahan (Director) and Grant Stanaway (fellow GA). One aspect of her role is as a Confidential Advocate for folks on campus who have been impacted by sexual violence.

Elena’s background is in peer support. Her continued pursuit of education comes from a desire to increase equitable access to quality mental health care by addressing systemic barriers.

Crafting Change Without Burnout

Supporting students in their activism roles by providing opportunities to think about the values rooted in their work and how to sustain their activism longterm. 

Maddie Herrup (she/her) Maddie Herrup

Maddie Herrup (she/her) is the Jewish Student Life Coordinator for the LC Center for Spiritual Life, and the Springboard Social Justice Fellow for Greater Portland Hillel. Maddie has worked for the last year and a half at LC, and is committed to making mindfulness practices accessible and meaningful. She cares that folks she talks to—whether at work over coffee, or hanging out in the community—feel cared for. Maddie continues to engage with Hersey’s work and the scholars she is inspired by, and frequently brings their values into her own Jewish work on campus.  

Rest is Resistance: How Tricia Hersey Invites People into the Portal of Rest

Being an activist and a leader can become impossible in a world that does not allow anyone to rest. This workshop will focus on Tricia Hersey’s message of how rest and naps can be a means of collective liberation and empowerment in a society that weighs people down with constant work and expectations. We will explore how her work of resting applies to students in their studies and in their activism, and how being a leader includes allowing oneself to rest. The workshop will be grounded in Hersey’s voice and values she mentions in her book, such as womanism, Black Liberation Theology, “DreamSpace”, and Afrofuturism. 

Amy Dvorak (she/her) Amy Dvorak

Amy Dvorak is the Sustainability Director for Lewis & Clark College, teaches in the Bates Center for Entrepreneurship & Leadership, and has been working in the environmental and sustainability fields for more than 20 years. Lena Essak is a senior Economics major at LC, is working for Amy as an energy efficiency intern, and recently interned for EDP Renewables.

Working Across Difference in Climate Action

This session will include a broad overview of climate activism history and importance, articulating specific roles within the movement as relevant pathways for students. Following this background, we’ll go into deeper discussion of how ‘working across difference’ is critical to climate change work sharing some resources, tools, and student examples of experiencing this in work in real time. This information will be followed by some active discussion and role play to practice ‘working across difference’ in several related scenarios.

Alina Cruz (she/her) Alina Cruz

Alina Cruz is a 3rd year art history major at LC. This is her second year working for IME as the Training and Development Peer Educator, and she holds many other roles (QSU president, United Front VP, etc.) on campus. She is also an avid One Piece fan.

Identity and Activism

Come learn about how the individual aspects of our identities can shape the way that we engage in activism, as well as how to recognize and respond to microaggressions!

Debbie Tanvi and Maria Debbie, Tanvi and Maria

Debbie, Tanvi and Maria are international freshman excited to work at the Center for Social Change and Community Involvement here at Lewis and Clark!


Are you afraid to be canceled when speaking your truth? What goes through the mind of someone who has been canceled? And, perhaps most importantly, is cancel culture genuinely useful?

Get ready for a conversation that goes beyond the hashtags. Our focus is on building bridges for communication and understanding, finding common ground in our polarized world.