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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Meet the IME Staff


 Angela Gintz

 Director of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

 M.A. Higher Education Administration & Leadership from University of the   Pacific; BA Linguistics from UC San Diego

Torrance, CA

 Why did you choose Lewis & Clark: I was drawn to the strong sense of community that is here and the potential impact in working at a small school. Also, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with some of the most amazing, critical, and compassionate students during my time at LC, which is definitely why I stay. 

Favorite place to eat in Portland: Pip’s Original Doughnuts in NE Portland 

Three random facts about you:
  1. I love my two beautiful rescue dogs Sia and Cinnamon. 
  2. I recently got my 5th tattoo. 
  3. Mindy Kaling is my hero, and I would choose her to play me if there was a movie version of my life. 
What does diversity and inclusion mean to you:

Diversity and inclusion to me is all about creating community and centering voices that have been pushed to the fringes throughout history. 

What are you listening to/reading right now: I just finished listening to the audiobook Naturally Tan by Tan France of Queer Eye. I adored every second of it and highly recommend it! 

dg Dominique Gardner

 Assistant Director of Inclusion and Multicultural   Engagement and International Students and Scholars

 M.Ed. College Student Affairs Administration from University of West   Florida; BS Animal Reproduction & Development from Oregon State   University

Eureka, CA

 Why did you choose Lewis & Clark: I chose Lewis & Clark because the staff were so welcoming and inviting. During my interview they were so caring about who I was as a person, not just a professional.

Favorite place to eat in Portland: Pine State Biscuit!

Three random facts about you:

  1. I am a new mom to a pretty adorable baby girl (if I do say so myself). 
  2. I played softball for thirteen years.
  3. In college I did research with dairy cows and their nutrition and reproductive development.
What does diversity and inclusion mean to you: To me, diversity is about people and their differences based on their social identities, backgrounds, and lived experiences. Inclusion is making sure that our communities, workplaces, schools, etc. have that diversity to create and develop new things and contribute to society. We each bring our own opinions and ideas because of who we are and that is powerful!
What are you listening to/reading right now: I am very in to Khalid right now and listening to his current album.




 Pedro Ramos

 Graduate Assistant for IME

 M.A. Candidate in Student Affairs Administration ’20 at Lewis & Clark   College; BA Psychology from University of Colorado Denver

Aurora, CO

 Why did you choose Lewis & Clark: I really admired the small collective nature of this institution and the opportunities to meet people on a more personal basis. Sometimes it’s harder to build relationships when you feel like a small fish in such a large ocean, so Lewis & Clark definitely helped with that. I also visited the Pacific Northwest a couple years ago and fell in love with greenery and rainy climate that I knew I had to come back.

Favorite place to eat in Portland: I’ve been to Applebee’s so far, otherwise please give me any and all of your recommendations.

 Three random facts about you:

  1. I name all my plants with human names, as those are the names I’ll use to name my future children.
  2. If I was a food, I would be a Crunchwrap Supreme from Taco Bell.
  3. My goal is to visit every National Park here in the U.S.

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you:

Diversity and inclusion mean allowing the space for us as people to be vulnerable and share the things that make us who we are with each other. Through this, we can then open the doors and gather the perspectives, stories, and ideas of those who may have been ignored and dismissed throughout history.

What are you listening to/reading right now: Ariana Grande’s latest album Sweetner has been going on and on in my head, my heart, and my headphones.



Gillingham Elizabeth Gillingham ’20

 IME Student Life Intern


 Hometown: San Diego, CA

 Major: Psychology, Gender Studies

 Why did you choose Lewis & Clark: I chose LC because I wanted to be somewhere close to a city, but not right in the middle of it. The small class sizes were also a big selling point for me. And the trees!

 Favorite places to eat in Portland: Marukin Ramen, Teote Mezcalería, and Lechon  

Three random facts about you: 

  1. I’ve traveled to over 20 countries
  2. I’ve hiked the 500 mile Camino de Santiago
  3. I once had a job teaching dogs how to surf

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you: I’m not a fan of the way the term “diversity” often gets thrown around and marketed on college campuses. Broadly, I think diversity is critical to academia and to communities where learning is happening. However, I think diversity can be a rather empty goal without the appropriate labor and responsibility necessary for creating equitable and inclusive practices, curriculums, and community expectations. To me, equity and inclusion means learning to understand and make space for each other. It is truly work that means having challenging conversations, questioning hegemony, unpacking privilege, and deconstructing structures of power that exist where we, at first, might not even see them. 

What are you listening to/reading right now: Right now I’m reading two books: This Bridge Called My Back and Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I’ve also gotten pretty into podcasts, especially StuffMomNeverToldYou NPR’s CodeSwitch. Music wise, L.A. Salami is my go to at the moment.


Things you’re involved with on/off campus:

Feminist Student Union- organizer, ASLC representative; Diversity Committee- Chair; Pioneer Success Institute- Peer educator; Lewis & Clark College Bookstore- Bookseller; The Plex PDX- Shift manager 



dorantes Sheyla Dorantes ’22

 IME Peer Educator


 Hometown: Portland, Oregon
 Major: English major with Ethnic Studies Minor
 What did you choose Lewis & Clark: It’s a beautiful place that offers a lot of great, different opportunities
Favorite place to eat: Las Islas Marias
Three random facts:
  1. My favorite color is Yellow
  2. I love to read and write poetry
  3. I love to cook!
What does diversity and inclusion mean to you: To me, Diversity and Inclusion mean 
creating and reinforcing a safe space for people where they can be proud of who they are and their differences, where there hasn’t been a space available before.
What are you listening to/reading right now: As many Latinx and POC authors as possible!! Cuco is my favorite musician at the moment.
Things you’re involved with on/off campus: I’m the Secretary for Gente Latina Unida and an English tutor with CEESA. 



fuller Iyanah Fuller ’22

 IME Peer Educator


 Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

 Major: Political Science 

Why did you choose Lewis & Clark: I chose Lewis and Clark because of the intimate class room settings, the small student body, and the stunning location. 

Favorite places to eat in Portland: There are waaay too many places to choose from. My top three would have to be: Pok Pok, Abyssinian Kitchen, and La Panza. 

Three random facts about you:

  1. I have never seen a Harry Potter Movie
  2. I listen to at least two podcasts a day
  3. I’m not great at it… but I do love to bake. I should probably go on the show Nailed it!

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you: To me, diversity and inclusion means incorporating the voices and actions of the marginalized into our institutions. It means actually listening to the experiences of these folks and integrating those perspectives into our collective advocacy efforts.

What are you listening to/reading right now: I am currently reading a book titled Queering Post-Black Art: Artists Transforming African-American Identity After Civil Rights.

Things you’re involved with on/off campus: I’m involved with IME and the Black Student Union on campus.



sax Luca Sax ’22

 IME Peer Educator


 Hometown: Munich (area), Germany

 Major: Biochemistry/Molecular Biology & International Affairs

 Why did you choose Lewis & Clark: When looking for colleges, I wanted to find a place where I could pursue both my academic and my extracurricular passions in a supportive environment with people who like to think outside of the box. I found that and so much more at Lewis & Clark and its liberal arts curriculum and international and diverse community.

 Favorite place to eat in Portland: I really enjoy getting food with my friends at Thai peacock on 9th avenue. It has almost become a tradition for us to have dinner there before we leave for break

 Three random facts about you:  

  1. I grew up in the Alps and spent some time living in the Black Forest and so I love being outdoors for hiking, kayaking or crosscountry skiing.

  2. As my native languge is not English, my main motivation for learning this language throughout school was being able to read Harry Potter in the original version.

  3. Ever since I was little, being able to bake great French pastry has been on my bucket list.

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you: Inclusion to me means creating a space and acessibility to that space to make those voices heard that are usually overlooked.  This then allows us as a community to be aware of our diversity and the power that it holds when we as a diverse group of people unite and work together to create a future that benefits all.

What are you listening to/reading right now: Hozier’s new single “Nina cried power” in which he adresses activism and empowerment through music.

Things you’re involved with on/off campus: Queer Student Union; Gender minorities in STEM club; Co-facilitator at the Pioneer Success Institute; Ambassador for the Student Alumni Association; International Fair