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Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

About IME


IME Vision

IME strives towards a college community deeply rooted in realized values of introspection, inclusion, and equity that empowers all students to thrive in the pursuit of their aspirations and in support of one another.

IME Mission

Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement leads Student Life’s commitment to a diverse and equity-oriented community. We engage students, faculty, staff, and community partners to promote an inclusive campus climate; we provide academic, social, and programmatic support to students from underrepresented communities; we deepen a vision of global citizenship through the intercultural exchange of ideas and traditions.



Angela Buck

Director of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement

Torrance, CA

Why did you choose Lewis & Clark: I was drawn to the strong sense of community that is here. I was very sick on the day of my interview, and the staff really took care of me that day, so I figured that would last throughout my time at L&C. Luckily it has! Also, I’ve had the opportunity to have some amazing, critical, and compassionate dialogues around social justice topics, which is what definitely keeps me here. 

Favorite place to eat in Portland: I have a pretty major sweet tooth, so Pip’s Original Doughnuts in NE Portland is one of my favorites.


Three random facts about you:

1) I love my puppy Sia, and yes, she is named after the artist. 

2) One of my life goals is to try all the Jelly Belly jellybean flavors. Even the weird ones. 

3)  Mindy Kaling is my hero, and I would choose her to play me if there was a movie version of my life. 

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you:

Diversity and inclusion to me is all about creating community and centering voices that have been pushed to the fringes throughout history. 

What are you listening to/reading right now: Bruno Mars 24k Magic album on repeat, plus everything else he has ever done. I just saw his concert in Vegas, and it reinvigorated my love for my #1 man, Bruno! 

domDominique Gardner

Assistant Director of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement and International Students and Scholars

Eureka, CA

Why did you choose Lewis & Clark: I chose Lewis & Clark because the staff were so welcoming and inviting. During my interview they were so caring about who I was as a person, not just a professional.

Favorite place to eat in Portland: Oh I love me some Saburos Sushi in Sellwood! 


Three random facts about you:

1) I am a new mom to a pretty adorable baby girl (if I do say so myself). 

2) I played softball for thirteen years.

3) Getting my nails done is one of my favorite past times and ways to practice self-care.

What does diversity and inclusion mean to you: To me, diversity is about people and their differences based on their social identities, backgrounds, and lived experiences. Inclusion is making sure that our communities, workplaces, schools, etc. have that diversity to create and develop new things. We each bring our own opinions and ideas because of who we are and that is powerful!
What are you listening to/reading right now: I am currently jamming to the Hip Hop 2000’s Spotify playlist. I highly recommend y’all.



Marissa Marquez ’19

IME Student Life Intern

La Verne, CA 

Major: Psychology

Why did you choose Lewis & Clark?: I chose LC because I wanted a school where I could get the most out of my education and also have the ability to grow as a person outside of the classroom. I saw how many different opportunities LC offered and I knew it was the place for me.

Favorite place to eat in Portland: There are so many! Little Big Burger and Ruby Jewel are my current favorites.

Three random facts about you:  

1) I love spicy food!

2) My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge and pretty much any Disney movie.

3) Makeup and fashion are two of my favorite hobbies.

 What does diversity and inclusion mean to you: 

Diversity and inclusion means that we are aware that everyone has different perspectives and experiences but at the same time be able to collectively come together and learn from those perspectives in order to grow as people.

What are you listening to/reading right now?: I am always listening to Beyonce, but Kendrick Lamar’s new album has been on repeat.

Things you’re involved with on/off campus: 

I am on the board of Gente Latina Unida (GLU) and now an IME peer educator! But when I go home I walk dogs and teach sunday school in my free time.