Student-Athlete Collective

The Student-Athlete Collective (formerly known as the Locker Room or Men of Color Collective) program, is designed to support our self-identifying Men and Women of Color Athletes here at Lewis & Clark College. We recognize the intersectional identities of being a student-athlete on campus as well as being a member of a historically underrepresented community can sometimes present challenges. Thus, the Collective aims to build community among the various athletic programs on campus through educational and social programs.

Topics discussed with the Collective have included:

  • Classroom tips and tricks
  • Career development 
  • Campus life 

Social engagement events included:

  • Lunch and dinner gatherings
  • Mental health/Yoga session
  • Game nights 
  • and more!

IME aspires to have other Collectives in the future for those who identify as Non-Binary Athletes of color.

Visit IME to learn more about the collective!