Meet the GEM Mentors

IME’s Great Expectations Mentorship (GEM) program is led by our amazing GEM Mentors. Mentors consist of continuing peers who have been at L&C for more than one year and display a high level of commitment toward creating a welcoming space for any new BIPOC and/or First-Generation students throughout their first year. GEM Mentors are trained throughout the year to ensure they are supported and supporting our larger L&C community.

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2023 GEM Retreat with mentors and mentees!

Meet Your 2023-24 GEM Mentors:

Picture of Arianna Almaguer Arianna Almaguer

Pronouns: she/her
Year: 3rd Year
Major: World Languages
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Arianna is also a First-Generation College Student!

Advice for Incoming Students: A big piece of advice Lewis and Clark students I’d share is to push yourself out of your comfort zone and have confidence. It’s hard to embrace your identity where it could be. 



Picture of Jadzia Beard Jadzia Beard

Pronouns: she/her
Year: 2nd Year
Major: Studio Art
Hometown: Salem, OR 

Advice for Incoming Students: College can be hard, especially in your first year you might encounter a lot of change and temporary friendships. remember everything has a lifespan, keep going and don’t stop where it’s hard



Picture of Idalyne Giron Castillo Idalyne Giron Castillo

Pronouns: she/her
Year: 2nd Year
Major: Exploring, potentially psychology
Minor: Exploring, considering Neuroscience            Hometown: Salem, OR

Idalyne is also a First Generation Student!

Advice for Incoming Students: Get involved on campus. There are so many opportunities to discover new interests, meet new people, and get out of your comfort zone. 


Picture of Vasty Jean-Francois

Vasty Jean-Francois

Pronouns: he/him
Year: 3rd Year
Major: International Affairs and Environmental Studies

Hometown: Port-au-Prince, Delmas, Haiti

Vasty is also a First Generation Student!

Advice for Incoming Students: Try to attend the events happening around the campus whenever possible, as these spaces offer a lot of opportunities to explore and connect with a diverse range of people. 


Picture of Azucena Morales Santos

    Azucena Morales Santos

Pronouns: she/her
Year: 4th Year
Major: Hispanic Studies & Sociology and Anthropology
Minor: Ethnic Studies or possibly Latin American and Latino Studies 
Hometown: Hillsboro, Oregon     

Azucena is also a First-Generation College Student!

Advice for Incoming Students: Show love and care to yourself. You may find yourself having days where your own your own throughout the day going to one class to another or going back to your dorm right after class and that’s okay! Sometimes we need those type of days. I encourage you to be brave and ask someone you genuinely want to know whether they have time in their day to hang out! Friendships take effort to foster. Also, join student union groups, you’ll meet inspiring, incredible, funny people. Don’t be afraid to ask its highly likely that others are struggling to. Completing homework is important but so are you and your wellbeing. So try to take breaks like going out for a walk, watch a Netflix show, gotta restore that energy. 


  Christianah Olufade Picture of Christianah Olufade

Pronouns: any
Year: 2nd Year
Major: Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Minor: Ethnic Studies
Hometown: Washington D.C. 

Advice for Incoming Students: Say hi to everyone. Vibe with the vibes that vibe with you. 


Picture of Mary Prentice

Mary Prentice

Pronouns: she/her
Year: 3rd Year
Major: Psychology
Minor: Entrepreneurship and Leadership and Innovation
Hometown: Yakima, Washington

Advice for Incoming Students: Try something new and put yourself out there! You get the chance to meet new people and try new things. Everyone is in the same boat and want’s to get to know you too! Get connected! 



Picture of Bella Stuhlmann

Bella Stuhlmann

Pronouns: she/her
Year: 4th Year
Major: Math and Computer Science 
Minor: Physics
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada             

Bella is also a First-Generation College Student!

Advice for Incoming Students: Reach out if you need help! There are people and groups that can help so many situations. 


Picture of Iman Tolola

Iman Tolola

Pronouns: she/her
Year: 3rd Year
Major: Psychology
Hometown: Las Vegas, Nevada     

Iman is also a First-Generation College Student!

Advice for Incoming Students: Be willing to try new things and take things day by day!




   Diego Varela Ruiz Picture of Diego Varela Ruiz

Pronouns: he/him
Year: 4th Year
Major: Classics 
Hometown: Mexico City

Advice for Incoming Students: Go to office hours, ask your professors for feedback/editing on essays (or outlines) before turning them in, organize study groups and give yourself breaks! A good night sleep can help more than an all-nighter before a test. Also, don’t be afraid to try new stuff! Go to campus events and try out at least a club that may sound interesting. You might foster hobbies that you have or find a new niche! You will get meet/befriend so many people - it is a small campus after all. 

Picture of Cole Whitaker Cole Whitaker 

Pronouns: he/him
Year: 3rd Year
Major: English (creative writing)
Minor: Exploring
Hometown: Long Beach CA & Reno NV

Advice for Incoming Students: Ask as many questions as you can think of, almost any concern you have somebody on campus is ready to help you solve. From mental health struggles to financial rough patches, there’s a way