Meet the GEM Mentors

IME’s Great Expectations Mentorship (GEM) program is led by our amazing GEM Mentors. Mentors consist of continuing peers who have been at L&C for more than one year and display a high level of commitment toward creating a welcoming space for any new BIPOC and/or First-Generation students throughout their first year. GEM Mentors are trained throughout the year to ensure they are supported and supporting our larger L&C community.

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Meet Your GEM Mentors


Lizbet Alberto Muñoz (she/her) ’27

Year: 2nd year

Major: Computer Science & Psychology Cybersecurity concentration

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Advice or Tips for any L&C student: College is the best place to grow, explore, change, and take risks. Get out there, try new things, meet new people and don’t be scared of change, change is sometimes exactly what we need ;).

Involvements on campus: Cheer & Step Team, Gente Latina Unida, French Club, LC Center for Social Change, Posse, Information Technology, Admissions Ambassador, French Department Assistant


Kaylee Flowers (they/them) ’27

Year: 2nd year

Major: Biology

Minor: Potential Environmental Studies

Hometown: Belmopan city, Belize, C.A

Advice or Tips for any L&C student: My piece of advice may sound contradictory, but remember while it’s important to embrace new opportunities and put yourself out there, it’s equally important to honor your own boundaries. Take the time to understand yourself, your limits, and what brings you joy. Allow yourself the freedom to explore new experiences or simply take a moment to breathe. At times, you may feel torn between choices, but trust your instincts and do what feels right for you.

Involvements on campus: BSU, co-ed volleyball, work with AV, poetry clubs at times, Environmental action LLC (at least for freshman year)


Alondra Olea (she/her) ’26

Year: 3rd year

Major: Biology

Minor: Health studies

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA and Salem, OR

Advice or Tips for any L&C student: Be willing to try new things! Go out and don’t be afraid to do things alone, often times that’s how you end up making friends you otherwise wouldn’t have met!

Involvements on campus: At the moment I am a part of the Gente Latina Unida leadership team where our main focus is to make the Latine community of LC feel like we belong here. We are able to do this with things like chisme nights where we talk over dinner and dances where the community is able to listen to music in Spanish to feel a little bit more at home.

I am also a part of the SACNAS leadership team, which is a society for the advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Stem fields. Our focus is to support the BIPOC community of Lewis & Clark to succeed in their chosen STEM field, both academically and emotionally. The BIPOC community already has such a difficult time at a PWI, but it’s even harder trying to succeed in fields that are historically made up of white men.

I am also a first generation college student!


Christianah Olufade (any) ’26

Year: 3rd year

Major: Psychology & Biology

Hometown: DC Metropolitan Area

Advice or Tips for any L&C student: College is hard. Ask questions. There’s no such thing as a bad question. People want to help, don’t be afraid to reach out.

Involvements on campus: Black Student Union, Afrikan Diaspora, Club, LC Cheer & Step Team, Health Profession Club, Campus Living


Julián Orozco (he/him) ’27

Year: 2nd year

Major:  Economics & International Affairs 

Minor: Entrepreneurship & Leadership

Hometown: Humacao, Puerto Rico

Advice or Tips for any L&C student: Go to Office Hours, take advantage of all the resources available like the Writing Center, Peer Tutoring, and many more!, Engage in all of the clubs!!!

Involvements on campus: Student Advisory Committee (SAC), Posse Puerto Rico 1, Ambassador Edward J. Perkins Speaker Series Liaison and Planning Committee 2023-2024), and Host for 62nd International Affairs Symposium.


Mary Prentice (she/her) ’25

Year: 4th year

Major: Psychology   

Minor: Entrepreneurship and Leadership

Hometown: Yakima, Washington

Advice or Tips for any L&C student: Ask for help if you need it! Everyone is here to support you and help you succeed, so don’t be shy if you need help!

Involvements on campus: Student Engagement Facilitator, SAAB Tutor, Campus Activities Member, Adoptee Club Chair


Sofia Robles (she/her) ’26

Year: 3rd year

Major: Rhetoric and Media Studies 

Minor: Entrepreneurial Leadership

Hometown: East Los Angeles, California

Advice or Tips for any L&C student: Prioritize your self-discovery journey! College is a great time for personal growth, so take the time to cultivate a strong sense of self-awareness and maintain your mental and physical health. Keep an open heart when it comes to learning about your identity.

Involvements on campus: I currently work at the weight room on campus and am a member of the Teaching Excellence Program!


Leslie Santiago (she/her) ’27

Year: 2nd year

Major: Political Science and Hispanic Studies

Minor: Possibly Philosophy

Hometown: Originally from Los Angeles, now live in Seattle

Advice or Tips for any L&C student: Don’t be afraid to try new things and get involved! There are so many different ways to meet new people and create long-lasting friendships. Take things slow and prioritize yourself and your wellbeing because this is a new environment. Don’t be afraid to ask for help because there other people who are also experiencing the same emotions as you are :)

Involvements on campus: Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Committee member, Honor Board member, Incoming Senator, Pre-Law club member, incoming Gente Latina Unida secretary, Palatine Hill Student Voters secretary, Cheer and Step member, and Health and Wellness Committee member.


Visagan Sundarasan (he/they) ’27

Year: 2nd year

Major: Physics

Minors: Math/Asian Studies (still exploring)

Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Advice or Tips for any L&C student: Though it may not seem like it at first, there are always people around you who are willing to lend a helping hand or a caring ear, don’t be afraid to open up to people around you!

Involvements on campus: Treasurer for Asian Student Union, Physics Club, Trying to be involved in more physics research next summer, board game club, vp for mahjong club (we’re in the process of setting it up right now).