Community Circles

Purpose: Community Circles (CCs) are a space where students can find community from others based on a shared, similar identity. Students who choose to participate will engage in conversations about their identities, how they may intersect with other identities that they hold and their educational experiences. 

A banner that states Community Circles under this text states Centering our identities for an affirming experience followed... A banner that states “Community Circles” under this text states “Centering our identities for an affirming experience” followed by “You Matter. You Belong.

Goals of CCs:

  1. To build a community where students with similar identities can spend time together 
  2. To bring to light the needs of students to implement future programming or create change in the L&C community to support students.
  3. To recognize how our identity and education intersect.
  4. To create an opportunity for identity exploration.

Want to lead a Community Circle?

Connect with an IME staff member to learn how! You do not need to be an expert on your identity as everyone has a different lived experience. We thank you for creating space for others that may share a similar identity through a small compensation for hosting! Email us: to learn more. 

Examples of past Community Circles:

  • Asian Diaspora Pacific Islander
  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color)
  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Men
  • Black/African American
  • Chicanx/Latinx/Hispanic
  • Disabled
  • First-Generation identifying
  • Marginalized Identities
  • Queer & Trans People of Color
  • Student-Athletes
  • Womxn/Fem