Virtual Inclusive Community Development Kit


What is an Inclusive Community Development Kit?

The Inclusive Community Development Kit is a user-friendly and flexible kit that gives our campus community the ability to learn more and engage in issues regarding equity & inclusion that impact our students, staff, faculty, and greater Lewis & Clark community. IME has carefully curated a selection of articles and videos that can be mixed and changed to meet the learning needs of the Lewis & Clark community. 

How to use an Inclusive Community Development Kit? 

Easy & Simple. These kits were meant to be easily used by any community member interested in assisting in creating more inclusive communities. They can be used by any group, any size, and can be modified to best meet the needs of the organization/ group.

  • Select a topic listed in the tabs located  on the right of this screen under Education.** 
  • What are your goals? What do you want to accomplish by utilizing these resources? 
  • Determine how you/ your group with use this information. 2 hour training? Weekly webinar? Staff meeting? Organization meeting? 
  • Select which materials you will use and include reflection questions of the topic. These materials were designed to be customizable to best meet the needs of your group. 


Who can use an Inclusive Community Development Kit? 

Most learning happens when it’s through peer-to-peer interactions, reason why we’re encouraging our campus community to use these resources to continue the conversation further.  Here are some examples as to how they can be used in our everyday life: 

  • Residence Halls- Resident Assistants can use this information for floor meetings or programs.
  • Classroom - These can be used to create impactful discussions/ dialogues in class. The resources can also be supplementary to what is being learned in the classroom.
  • Student meetings/ departmental meetings - Our materials serve as opportunities to advance student, faculty, and staff development who are interested in addressing issues of equity and inclusion in our community.
  • Student Government - The Inclusive Community Development Kit can help specific committees and members dive into reflecting on how to remain inclusive of the many identities represented at Lewis & Clark. 


For further questions, ideas, or clarification please contact 

**More topics will be available soon