Community Resources

Level 1 - Introduction

How are we thinking and talking about disability? - VIDEO

Disability History - ARTICLE 

Ableism - ARTICLE

Level 2- Diving Deeper

Ableist Langauge - VIDEO

Invisible Disabilities - WEB PAGE

“Ableism is the bane of my existence” - VIDEO 

Identity First Vs. Person First Language - ARTICLE

Level 3- Critical Issues

Disability Justice: Understanding Race & Disability - ARTICLE 

Police Violence & Disability - ARTICLE


Reflection Questions 
  • Reflect on your every day interactions. Provide examples of how you’ve found ableism present.
  • How do you believe society perceives visible disabilities differently from invisible disabilities? Does this align with your personal beliefs about visible and invisible disabilities?
  • What do you want to commit to learning more about with regards to ability?
  • What did you learn from the resources that you did not know before or that surprised you?
  • How will you think differently or what will you do differently as a result of what you learned?