IME Banquet & J.E.D.I Awards

From those who have helped shape our community for decades to those who only recently began their Lewis & Clark journey, the Annual IME Banquet and JEDI Awards (formerly known as Impact Awards) honor individuals who make the campus a more inclusive place, as well as recognizes the graduating students. Since 2006, the Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement recognizes community members for their contributions toward developing and supporting a diverse and inclusive campus community. The ceremony usually takes place in April. 

JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Awards

Thirteen years ago, we began a tradition of recognizing CAS students, staff, and faculty for their dedication to the IME mission and our goal of building and sustaining a truly inclusive campus community. To be nominated for a JEDI Award is a great honor, and we recognize that there are many people in all three campuses doing amazing work in the areas of diversity and inclusion. It is our combined efforts that create joyous communities and incredible growth. Each of us contributes in our own way to the Lewis & Clark community and the student experience in ways that are tangible and intangible. We should all be proud to continue working towards a more inclusive, socially just, and welcoming institution.

Emerging Leader Award

This award recognizes a first-year student who has demonstrated leadership, commitment to the Lewis & Clark community, and potential for even further positive impact on campus.

[Starting left to right; Leah Huffington & Damaris Medina] [Starting left to right; Leah Huffington & Damaris Medina]

2022 award recipients, Leah Huffington ’25 & Damaris Medina ’25

Excellence in Inclusive Engagement Award

This award is presented to an undergraduate student who strives towards working for a more socially just community at Lewis & Clark. They support diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives on campus. Whether this is from a particular leadership role, or as a hidden figure supporting from behind-the-scenes, this student demonstrates a willingness to take action to create an inclusive community.

[Starting left to right: Luca Sax (Award Recipient) and Julia Litz (Nominator)] [Starting left to right: Luca Sax (Award Recipient) and Julia Litz (Nominator)]

2022 award recipient, Luca Sax ’22

Ray Warren Leadership Award

The Ray Warren Leadership Award is named after the man who dedicated his career to serving students at this institution. Beginning his work at L&C in Admissions and later becoming Associate Dean of Students and Director of Ethnic Student Services in 1992 (what is now IME), he is revered for being a foundational pillar of support to all students, but of special significance for students of color and historically underrepresented students more broadly. His impact lives on and is of immeasurable value. The Ray Warren Leadership Award is the longest-standing award that IME has presented to students and it is awarded to a graduating senior who possess a spirit of determination, care, open-mindedness, and optimism. They have demonstrated outstanding leadership on campus and a commitment to diversity and multicultural education.

[Starting left to right: Shalini Hanstad (Award Recipient) and Sheyla Dorantes (Nominator)] [Starting left to right: Shalini Hanstad (Award Recipient) and Sheyla Dorantes (Nominator)]

2022 award recipient, Shalini Hanstad ’22

Kristi Williams Staff & Faculty Award

Kristi Williams was a member of the advising staff whose work touched the lives of an untold number of students over more than 30 years with the college. The Kristi Williams Staff & Faculty Award recognizes staff or faculty members who continue Kristi’s legacy, going above and beyond their roles and responsibilities to work towards IME’s core values by supporting underrepresented students and fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community committed to social justice.

[Starting left to right: Magali Rabasa (Award Recipient) and Carolina Ruiz (Nominator)] [Starting left to right: Magali Rabasa (Award Recipient) and Carolina Ruiz (Nominator)]

2022 award recipient, Magalí Rabasa, Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies