Picture of Alina Cruz.

Alina Cruz (she/her) ’25

Training & Development Coordinator

Year in school: 2nd Year

Majors: Art History & English

How do you self-identify: Transwoman, lesbian, Latina (Mexican), mixed

Ask me about: QSU! Being trans, especially being a trans person of color! I also love to write poetry and talk about art, and I’m an anime/manga nerd. And I enjoy playing video games in my free time.

What does IME mean to you? IME is a family. All of us work together and lift each other up, and work to recognize and raise other members of our community as an organization. I love helping students of color carve out a space for themselves so that they can be comfortable in the LC community, and IME is here to help with that, so it’s really nice to be around people doing similar work and make the campus climate safer for students of color.


Say what’s up to Alina via IME email: multicultural@lclark.edu and address it to Alina!