The Add/Drop period


The add/drop period begins on the first day of classes.  After pre-registration has closed, the wait-lists become only a reference tool for faculty, and you will no longer see any active wait-listed course sections on your record.  We no longer process the wait-lists nor offer open seats through this office.

FALL AND SPRING: the two week add/drop period ends at 4pm on the 2nd Friday of the semester.
SUMMER: the two day add/drop period ends at 4pm on the second day of class.

All regular add/drop registration is done via WebAdvisor.  During the add/drop period you must obtain the permission of the faculty instructor to register for all courses. If the instructor agrees to give permission, the instructor will record permission via WebAdvisor.  (You can see permission that has been given on WebAdvisor, under My Holds and Authorizations.) Once this is done, you will be able to register for the course section on WebAdvisor, provided a seat is available.

If you need to add a class, or are hoping to get into a previously wait-listed class:

  1. Contact the instructor directly by email.  Ask for permission to attend the first class. Ask the instructor to provide you with registration permission via WebAdvisor if the instructor indicates that seats are available.
  2. Once the instructor confirms that this is done, you may register via WebAdvisor.  Do register as quickly as possible so that the instructor does not give the seat to someone else.

All students can drop courses online with the following exceptions:

  • CORE-120 or 121 - See the General Education Office if you need to change your CORE section.
  • the last class for which you are registered.  If you intend to withdraw from all of your courses, you must contact the Registrar’s Office to complete this transaction.
  • overseas courses - you must contact the Overseas Office to to withdraw from overseas courses.

All registration transactions must be submitted by the end of the add/drop period which officially ends at 4pm on the last day of the add/drop period. Registration activity that requires a paper/PDF, or google form component, must be submitted before 4pm on the last day of the add/drop period, and we recommend you do this earlier. However, registration matters that require only the use of WebAdvisor may be completed up to 11:59pm on the last day of the add/drop period. You will not be able to add or drop course sections after that time.

It is highly recommended that you verify that you have permission to register for another course before you drop your existing course.  If you drop a course and need to re-enroll, you will need to obtain permission of the instructor during the add/drop period. Staff in the College Advising Center or Registrar’s Office can show you how to use WebAdvisor to verify you have permission before dropping your existing course. Watch a short instructional video: Swap! Don’t Drop!


Non-standard registration may require a paper/PDF or google form in addition to web registration.  Please complete the form including appropriate approvals and return the form to the Registrar’s Office before 4pm on the last day of the add/drop period. Such registration may include:


Registration by google form only.  Internship, Practicum and Independent Study forms may be submitted via the google form at any time prior to the upcoming semester. More information can be found in the College Catalog.

Please know that all Internship and Independent study forms are due no later than the end of the add/drop period - 4pm on the last day of the add/drop period.   If you do not submit your fully completed form by that time, the Registrar’s office will not be able to register you for the course.

DON’T WAIT!  If your form is not complete and correct, your instructor will have to approve all changes. Many faculty are not available on the last Friday of the add/drop period. 

If you have questions, email

Independent Study/Directed Study

Please note that during the summer semester, the add/drop period extends only to the second day of the session. See the Academic Calendar for specific dates.

If you have questions, contact our office at

We look forward to working with you this semester.