Independent or Directed Study

Independent or Directed Studies allow students to pursue faculty-supervised study of topics not offered in the regular curriculum. Such experiences range from directed studies in which an instructor provides considerable supervision to independent studies in which student consult with faculty to develop a more autonomous project or course of study. This agreement acts in lieu of a syllabus for a regular course. It assists faculty and students in determining that activities are worthy of academic credit as well as setting goals for learning.


  1. Find a faculty sponsor with whom you will develop the learning objectives. Your sponsor should be in an academic department or program related to the independent study.
  2. To help you prepare, we suggest you use the Worksheet for Independent Studies found below. Note that this is not the official agreement. It is a worksheet that helps you discuss your learning objectives with your faculty sponsor and prepare the information necessary to complete the official Learning Agreement.
  3. Submit the Independent/Directed Study Learning Agreement
  4. You will receive an automated response and a copy of the Learning Agreement when it is submitted.
    1. Forward a copy of that response (and Learning Agreement) to your faculty sponsor and ask your sponsor to complete the Faculty Approval form. (Directions for the Faculty member will be included at the bottom of the Learning Agreement that you forward.)



We strongly urge you to submit the Independent/Directed Study learning agreement during priority registration, but it can be completed during the add/drop period. Keep in mind that the form and approvals from your faculty sponsor and site supervisor (if necessary) must all be submitted no later than 4pm on the last day of the add/drop period.