Online Registration Instructions

Prepare yourself by reading these instructions carefully! You should be able to register from any computer that has web access, or from your phone.

  • Plan your schedule.  Classes occasionally have time changes, and courses or sections may have been added or deleted since the last time that you looked. Do not assume that a class that was open two days ago will still be open. Similarly, a class that was closed may reopen.
  • Find your Registration Appointment Time (available beginning July 1)
    Use your LC user name and password to log into WebAdvisor. Click on “Student menu” and then “My Registration Permissions” on the left side of the screen. In the next screen, choose the appropriate semester. The next screen will indicate the date and time you may register. This screen will also show any course permissions you have.
  • Find Test Scores:
    From the Student menu, click on “Test Summary” on the right hand side of the first screen.  You will see the test scores that may affect course prerequisites. These scores are entered when the Registrar receives official notification.
  • You can select your courses and place them on your “Preferred Sections” by using Search and Register for Sections or Express Registration. This can be done before your registration appointment time. Your “Preferred Sections List” is analogous to a “Shopping Cart” with an online vendor. Items (course sections) can be put in a shopping cart (Preferred Sections List) before or at your registration appointment time. You can then register or waitlist for the desired courses at your appointment time.

Access WebAdvisor

This link (WebAdvisor) is on the right-hand side of the Registrar’s Office web page. Login by using your LC User ID & password.

Go to the “Register for Sections” page

Most of the initial options on this menu will eventually lead to the “Register and Drop Sections” page.

Search and Register for Sections

If you do not know the exact course information, you may search by subject, course level, course number and even section number and place courses on your Preferred Sections list:

  1. You must select the term (e.g. 23/FA CAS Fall 2023) each time you enter this page.
  2. Do not enter the Start and End Dates – this will only slow down your search.
  3. Enter up to 5 subjects. You may also enter course levels, course numbers and even section numbers.
  4. Some courses have co-requisite courses (e.g. science courses with labs). Both co-requisite courses must be on your Preferred Section List in order to register.
  5. Go to the bottom of the page and click the submit button. The next screen lists all courses meeting your search parameters. Put a check in the box next to each course you want to put on your “Preferred Sections” list. Remember to check both the course and co-requisite if appropriate.
  6. Go to the bottom of the page and click the submit button.
  7. You may repeat Search and Register for Sections as often as you wish so that you can get all of your possible courses listed in your Preferred Sections List.
  8. From the “Register and Drop Sections” page and you can see the courses in your ‘Preferred Sections’ list. If it is not yet your appointment time, logout of WebAdvisor. The sections that you chose will still be listed when you come back. At your appointment time, follow the instructions for “Register and Drop Sections” below.

    Note: Most students do not find “Narrow My Search” and “Re-sort my results” (boxes at the top of the page) to be very helpful.

Express Registration

This is faster than Search and Register for Sections, but you must know the exact course section information for each course you wish to add to your preferred sections list before going to this page.

  1. Enter the subject, course number, section number and term for each course (MATH 105 01 23/FA) and the other fields will fill in automatically. Click “Submit” on the bottom of the page. Some courses have co-requisite courses (science courses with labs). If you are registering for a course with a co-requisite, put both courses on your Preferred Section List.
  2. You may repeat the Express registration process as often as you wish to get all of your possible courses listed on your Preferred Selection List.
  3. From the “Register and Drop Sections” page you will see the courses you have placed on your preferred sections list. If it is not yet your appointment time, logout. The sections that you chose will still be listed when you come back. At your appointment time, (or if it IS your appointment time) follow the instructions for “Register for previously selected courses” below.

Register and Drop Sections/Register for previously selected sections

At your registration appointment time, if you have placed courses on your Preferred Sections list by using Search & Register for Sections or Express Registration pages, you can simply go to this page and register for courses from your pre-selected list.

  1. First, check the availability of the courses on your “Preferred Sections” list. If any of your classes are closed, you may add yourself to the waitlist or remove that course from your list. We recommend choosing the actions for each individual course (Register, Remove from List, or Waitlist) rather than using the “Action for all Preferred Sections” feature at the top of the page.

  2. Remember to select both lecture and lab course sections for those courses with co-requisites. You will not be able to register in one without the other; these must be done at the same time.
  3. The next page is “Registration Results”. It has 3 parts. The first part shows the actions that were just completed. The second part shows everything for fall 2023 for which you are currently registered. The third part shows courses for which you are currently waitlisted.

Drop sections

You may drop a course OR you may also, simultaneously, register for and drop a course—a safeguard. If the registration is not successful (e.g., prerequisites not met or class closed) then the drop will not be successful either. (See the Swap, Don’t Drop video in our Video Library.)

Please note:  you will not be able to drop CORE 120 or CORE 121.  If you need to change the section for which you are registered, please contact Dawn Wilson in the General Education office at  

My Class Schedule

Always double check the results of your registration by checking your schedule before logging off. Choose “My Class Schedule” to verify that you registered for your course(s) correctly.

Log Out!

Be sure to log out of WebAdvisor and close your browser for your security.

Important Notes:

  • You will be able to register or waitlist only for courses for which you have met the prerequisites. Check prerequisites in the current online Course Schedule.
  • You will not be permitted to register for courses with time conflicts - no matter how small the conflict. Registering for courses with time conflicts are discouraged for all students and not allowed for freshmen.
  • If a course is full, you can add yourself to the waitlist in the same way that you register for a course. If a space becomes available and you are next on the waitlist, you will be notified by email. You will have 2 days to respond to this email.
  • You may register for only one PE/A 101 (activity) course per semester. Registration for PE/A 102 (varsity sports) courses may also be done on-line, but your registration is subject to approval by the Varsity coach during the add/drop period.


  • When using web registration, if the screens are left on the computer monitor for a long time without input from you, they will internally logout without your knowledge and you will have to login again from scratch. It is best to determine and make a list of courses you will register for before you start this process so there is a minimum of pauses for the registration program.
  • Be sure to click on the submit button only once and then wait for the next page to come up. If you click multiple times, you will get a “multiple submit” warning and have to start again. Click the Menu at the top right of the screen to start over.
  • Your computer must be set to accept cookies.
  • If you are using a Mac, DO NOT use Internet Explorer. Microsoft no longer supports IE for Mac and you will not be able to use WebAdvisor. Safari or Firefox are preferred browsers.
  • Be sure to use the ‘Close Window’ button at the bottom of pages (if you use the X box at the top you will get a cookies error message).