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For First Year Students


The information contained below is also available on the New Student Orientation website, as well as information about New Student Orientation in August. 

Set up your LC online account

The very first step you need to take is to set up your Lewis & Clark on-line account at Create your LC email account

Creating your Lewis & Clark account will establish your email account and also create your WebAdvisor User ID which you will need to register for classes. LC email is your main means of communicating with folks at LC, especially over the summer, and all official communication from the college will be sent to your new email address.


WebAdvisor is your online access to information and tools you’ll need to register for classes.Through WebAdvisor you can view your grades, find out what courses you need to complete for your degree, and monitor your progress toward graduation.You can also “try out” majors – see what courses you’d need to complete for any particular major.  WebAdvisor also gives you access to information about your financial aid and your tuition bill.

The College Catalog

The Catalog provides you with all of the information you need to know about what requirements you must complete to graduate from Lewis & Clark.  All students are required to complete “general education” courses which provide students with a solid breadth of liberal arts experience across a range of disciplines. Students also choose one or more Majors (and potentially a minor) in order to study a given topic in depth. The courses required for these general education and Major/Minor requirements are explained fully in the catalog. 

In addition, the catalog also provide information about our policies – when you can add courses, when you can drop or withdraw, how grades are calculated,  petitions and appeals process,  and many other topics.  We highly encourage you to explore this section of the catalog. 

Please note that you will enter under the 2019-20 catalog and those requirements will apply to you for the years that you are an active student at LC. The information in the catalog will provide information on the courses that meet general education requirements, and major requirements. Your summer advisors can also help you with course selection.

Important Tasks and Dates

This is a brief review of the important tasks that you should complete in preparation for registration.  Please refer to the New Student Orientation Website and see the GPS (the Guide for Pioneer Success) on that website for full directions on completing all of these activities.

  • Create your online LC Account and then explore WebAdvisor – your online access to Lewis and Clark
  • Enter or update your emergency contact information in WebAdvisor.
  • Submit your Exploration and Discovery course section preference
  • Verify that you have had your AP or IB test scores sent to Lewis & Clark
  • Find courses
  • Review the Academic Integrity Policy and complete the Academic Integrity Tutorial.  It is important for all students to understand what constitutes academic dishonesty.


This summer you will register for your fall semester courses in two “rounds”.

  • Your first registration appointment will be on July 31.

  • Your second registration appointment will be on August 2. 

Please note that after August 2, registration remains open until August 16 to allow you to make changes or take advantage of wait-listed seats that may become available for you. There will also be time during NSO to make additional changes after you meet with your advisor.

The instructions below explain how to find your appointment times for each registration round.

  1. Login to WebAdvisor using your WebAdvisor User ID and password.
  2. Click on the Students menu
  3. Under Registration, select Registration Permissions
  4. Choose 19/FA CAS-Fall 2019. You should now be able to see the dates and times at which you are scheduled to register for your courses. Note that there will be multiple registration appointment times.
More Information
Placement and Examination Information


* You will not be able to set up your online account until your deposit has been received by the Admissions Office and you have a “paid” status.