For First Year Students


If you haven’t already, we encourage you to visit the  New Student Orientation website, which contains information about the Summer Checklist as well as information about New Student Orientation in August. 

The Registrar’s Office, along with your academic advisors, can assist you with registration questions, and can help you navigate the use of tools in our on-line interface, “WebAdvisor”.

Set up your LC online account

The very first step you need to take after May 12th is to set up your Lewis & Clark on-line account at “ Account Creation”.

Creating your Lewis & Clark account will establish your email account and also create your WebAdvisor User ID which you will need to register for classes. LC email is your main means of communicating with folks at LC, especially over the summer, and all official communication from the college will be sent to your new email address.

IMPORTANT: Please do not share your password with anyone.  Doing so can compromise your account security and may cause restrictions on your account. 

WebAdvisor/Student Self Service

WebAdvisor (which will be transitioning over this next year to our new interface “Student Self Service”) is your online access to information and tools you’ll need to register for classes. Through WebAdvisor/Student Self Service, you can view your grades, find out what courses you need to complete for your degree, and monitor your progress toward graduation. You can also “try out” majors – see what courses you’d need to complete for any particular major.  WebAdvisor/Student Self Service also gives you access to information about your financial aid and your tuition bill.

The College Catalog

The College Catalog provides you with all of the information you need to know about what requirements you must complete to graduate from Lewis & Clark. You will enter the College under the 2023-24 catalog and those requirements will apply to you for the years that you are an active student at LC. 

  • The information in the catalog will provide direction on the courses that meet general education requirements, and major requirements.
  • In the catalog, you can find information about our General Education requirements. All students are required to complete “general education” courses which provide students with a solid breadth of liberal arts experience across a range of disciplines. Students also choose one or more majors (and potentially a minor) in order to study a given topic in depth. The courses required for these general education and Major/Minor requirements are explained fully in the catalog. 
  • In addition, the catalog also provides information about our policies – when you can add courses, when you can drop or withdraw, how grades are calculated, petitions and appeals process, and many other topics.  We highly encourage you to explore this section of the catalog. 
Important Tasks and Dates

Please refer to the New Student Orientation Website and see the Summer Checklist for full directions on completing all of the activities to prepare for the fall semester.


This summer you will register for your fall semester courses in two “rounds”.

  • Your first registration appointment will be on August 1st.

  • Your second registration appointment will be on August 3rd. 

For full instructions registration and how to find your registration time, please see our First Year Registration site.

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