Update of name and/or sex

Legal Name/Sex

A student’s name of record includes first name, middle initial or full middle name, and the last (surname/family) name. The college will update official records to reflect the legal name and/or legal sex of a currently enrolled student or alumnus upon receipt of a request in writing accompanied by evidence of the legal basis for the update. A record of the previously recorded legal name and/or legal sex will be maintained, but all official documents will be released under the updated legal name/legal sex.

To update the legal name record, submit the Student Information Update Form and required documentation to the appropriate Registrar’s Office.

Chosen Name/Pronoun

Lewis & Clark College supports the use of chosen names and pronouns for students while maintaining the official, legal name required for academic records and data integrity. Current students may elect to have a chosen name recorded which will be displayed on class rosters and directories where the legal name is not required. Students may also request to have a chosen pronoun recorded.

Students who wish to record a chosen name/pronoun may do so by submitting the Chosen Name form.