How Waitlists Work

On  the “Search for Sections” page in WebAdvisor, you can see if a course is open, the number of seats available, and, if a wait-list has been created, how many students are currently on the list.

During Round I, if a course is closed, add yourself to the wait-list first, then register for an open course.  You may add yourself to more than one wait-list.

After Round I, you may add yourself to a wait-list as long as the additional course would not create an overload.  If you need assistance to wait-list yourself for lab or conference sections, or for a course that would create an overload, please contact the Registrar’s Office directly.

Wait-lists will be monitored until approximately two weeks before the semester begins. When a space becomes available in a wait-listed course, the first student on the list will be notified by L&C email and generally will have 2 days to register for the course. On the 3rd day the permission to register will expire and the seat will be offered to the next student on the wait-list. If you do not get into a class before the semester begins, you may attend the first class session to ask if the instructor will add you to the class. There is no guarantee that there will be space, or that the instructor will allow you to join the class. You should register for an alternative class instead of relying on only the possibility of a seat.

If you are wait-listed for a class that has a lab section, please note that vacancies for courses with labs are filled by the queue in the LAB section.  The wait-list for the lecture section is essentially irrelevant.  If there is an open seat in the lab, there will always be a seat in the lecture - or in one of the lecture sections if there are more than one. 

If you are on a wait-list make sure to check your L&C email often - at least every other day, even during summer and winter breaks. This is an automated process and emails may be sent at any time. We also strongly urge you to check your spam folder as occasionally automated emails are flagged as spam. You may also wish to contact the IT department for help in flagging certain emails to be sure that they are always delivered to your inbox and not sent to spam.  The email from which waitlist notifications is sent is  (Please note that this email address does not accept incoming emails.)