Transfer Equivalencies

Courses taken at other institutions are carefully evaluated for rigor, academic content and relevance. While most courses taken at other regionally accredited colleges and universities transfer as general elective credit, some courses transfer as equivalent courses. For instance, a calculus class taken at another college may be considered directly equivalent to our MATH-131 and would act just like LC’s MATH-131 - satisfying all of the same prerequisites, and applying to a major or General Education requirements in exactly the same way that MATH-131 would apply.

In particular we have established a number of math and science course equivalencies for courses taken at Portland Community College. We encourage you to review the equivalencies at the following link:

Portland Community College Math and Science Course Equivalencies

For questions about other courses at PCC, or about courses from other institutions, please submit your inquiries via our on-line form: Request to Pre-screen Transfer Credit

For more information about transfer credit, please see our Transfer Credit web page.