Ordering Undergraduate Transcripts

The College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate transcripts are ordered online in collaboration with Parchment ordering service, and are provided in e-transcript and print form. We highly recommend reading the information below before ordering.

Current Students or Recently Graduated Alumni - Order Here

If you have access to WebAdvisor, you may order directly through WebAdvisor. On the student menu, in the Academic Profile section, choose the “Order Official Transcript” link.  It will redirect you to the ordering page, and will automatically authenticate your identity.

The first time you use it, you will need to set up the account, but much of your demographic information will be pre-filled for you. (You may also use the link below, but you will have to manually enter all of your demographic information to begin your order.)

Alumni and Former Students - Order Here

Please proceed directly to the Lewis & Clark Transcript Ordering Service.  Follow the instructions to create an account, or log in to an existing account.

Please note that students who attended prior to 1986 may experience a slower response as records are not maintained in electronic format and must be scanned from the original file. Processing can take up to two weeks.

What types of products can I order?

An official, certified PDF of your transcript (e-transcript)

  • This is the fastest, most secure, and environmentally friendly method to request your transcript.
  • Orders are generally processed quickly - in some cases the same day the the order is submitted. However, you should allow at least three business days. (Allow additional processing time for high volume periods such as the end of the semester or after degrees have been awarded.)

  • Please confirm with the recipients that they will be able to receive an electronic copy of your transcript. Also, to avoid potential problems with spam filters, please instruct recipients to allow emails from Parchment (noreplyint@parchment.com).

An official printed transcript

  • Orders are generally processed within a few business days. (Allow additional processing time for high volume periods.)

  • You may choose a rush shipping option. Details are provided on the ordering site.

What if I am waiting for my grades or degree to post?

Are you currently enrolled and want your current semester grades to appear on the transcript?

Wait to order until you can view the grades on WebAdvisor. If you order a transcript prior to grades being visible on WebAdvisor, the transcript will not include the current semester grades.

Are you graduating?

Degrees for students are posted 3-4 weeks after the end of the semester in which the student graduates. If you are graduating at the end of the current semester, and want your degree to be included on the transcript, do not order your transcript prior to the dates listed below:

December graduation: January 15
May graduation: June 5
August graduation: September 15

Frequently asked questions about ordering

If you are having trouble

  • specifying a mailing address
  • attaching a document to be mailed with your transcript
  • finding the “rush shipping” option

please see the information on our FAQ page. You can also find Step-by-Step directions here.

What if I have a hold on my account?

Transcripts cannot be ordered if there are restrictions or holds on the student record. If you create an account, or login to the Transcript Ordering Service, you will receive a message which directs you to contact the appropriate office. Once your hold is resolved, you may order a transcript.

What are the fees for ordering a transcript?

There is a $5.00 charge per transcript (e-transcript or printed). Please note that printed transcripts are also charged a shipping/handling fee of $2.50. You may also choose a rush shipping option for printed transcripts. Details are provided on the ordering site.

How do I order a notarized transcript or documents needed for an apostille?

You should not order a transcript through our ordering service. Instead, see the information on our Apostille/Notarized Document website.

Can I get an unofficial transcript?

The College of Arts and Sciences does not produce unofficial transcripts for students. Unofficial transcripts are intended for advising purposes only. Current students (and their advisors) may view the unofficial transcript on WebAdvisor.

Graduate School or Law School records

I also have records at the LC Graduate School of Education and Counseling, or at the LC Law School. Can I order all of my transcripts at one time?

At this time, only the College of Arts and Sciences is participating in the e-transcript ordering service. Please order your Graduate School or Law School transcripts directly from those schools. Their ordering information can be found at:

Lewis & Clark Graduate School of Education and Counseling

Lewis & Clark Law School