Spring Final Exam Schedule

Exams scheduled on Monday (MON), Tuesday (TUE), Wednesday (WED), and Thursday (TH),
May 5 through May 8, 2025.

08:00A-09:00A MWF 1   MON  05/05/25 6:00P-9:00P
08:00A-09:00A MTWTHF
(or any combination of days)
1/7 MON  05/05/25 6:00P-9:00P
09:10A-10:10A MWF 2   TH  05/08/25 8:30A-11:30A
10:20A-11:20A MWF 3   TUE  05/06/25 1:00P-4:00P
11:30A-12:30P MTWTHF
(or any combination of days)
4   WED  05/07/25 1:00P-4:00P
11:30A-01:00P TTH 4/5 TUE  05/06/25 6:00P-9:00P
12:40P-1:40P MTWTHF
(or any combination of days)
5   WED  05/07/25 8:30A-11:30A
1:50P-2:50P MWF 6   MON  05/05/25 1:00P-4:00P
08:00A-09:30A TTH 7   WED  05/07/25 6:00P-9:00P
09:40A-11:10A TTH 8   MON  05/05/25 8:30A-11:30A
1:50P-03:20P TTH 9   TUE  05/06/25 08:30A-11:30A
M/TH 10a TH  05/08/25 1:00P-4:00P
3:00P-4:30P MW 10b TH  05/08/25 1:00P-4:00P
3:00P-4:00P MWF 10c TH  05/08/25 1:00P-4:00P
7:00P (or 6pm) M,W or MW 12 WED  05/07/25 6:00P-9:00P
7:00P (or 6pm T,TH or TTH 13 TH  05/08/25 6:00P-9:00P

Lewis & Clark College has a four-day final examination period. Students must take their exams during the designated final exam time, with the following exceptions:

  • Exam conflicts. Students who have courses in periods that share the same final exam time will be allowed to reschedule, as necessary, the conflicting exam(s).
  • Exam congestion. Students who have three examinations scheduled on the same day will be allowed to reschedule one of their exams to another day.

Students wishing to reschedule an exam must initiate a request to the faculty involved, no later than the last day of classes. The faculty involved will determine alternate examination arrangements. All final exams must take place within the examination period.

In addition, Lewis & Clark recognizes that exam schedules may conflict with religious observances, and in such cases, faculty should make reasonable accommodations to reschedule. For more information, see the Religious Holiday Observance and Student Absence Policy. Students must initiate a request to the faculty involved, and the faculty will determine which examination may be rescheduled within the examination period.

Examinations are not to be rescheduled for any other reason.

Reading days, the two days before finals begin, are for student study and optional review sessions. Final examinations or other mandatory classroom activities are not to be scheduled on those days. Final exams should be held during the three-hour slot assigned. If the class does not have a final exam, then the last class meeting day is during the scheduled final exam time period.

**For courses that do not fall within a regularly scheduled time period, please check with the CAS Registrar’s Office to verify your final exam day and time.