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Registration for Upcoming Semesters

Registration Information for Summer 2020

Online registration for Summer sessions begins March 5th and will continue through May 14th.

Classes for session I begin Monday, May 18th. The schedule of classes for Summer Sessions is posted on WebAdvisor.

Online Registration is open to all continuing undergraduate students. Others may register for summer classes by using the Registration Form found on the Summer Sessions website.

Please keep in mind that the add/drop deadline for summer sessions is the first two days of the session only. Students who remain enrolled after the add/drop period will be charged for the full summer semester.

Registration Information for Fall 2020

March 9 through April 3: Registration advising period.

You must meet with your academic advisor to obtain approval to register for your fall 2020 courses.

April 7-16: Fall 2020 Priority Registration

  • April 7-9: First round of registration. Continuing students will register for one class during the first round. Check your registration appointments online through WebAdvisor.  Registration begins at 7am!
  • April 14-16:  Second round of registration. Continuing students can complete registration for a full schedule. 
  • April 20-August 14:  Online Registration remains open for students to make changes to their spring schedules.

Check WebAdvisor for Registration Permissions

You will need:

  • Advisor approval to register
  • Instructor consent for specific sections that require special permission.  (See below)

Confirmation of these approvals will appear in the Registration Permissions area of WebAdvisor.

Check WebAdvisor for My Holds/Restrictions

  • Check for holds which may prevent registration and address them before registration begins.


Check that Prerequisites have been met with Transfer Credit (if applicable)

  • If you have transfer credit that should meet the prerequisite for a course, you can submit the Course Substitution form to one of our Degree Audit and Transfer Credit Specialists.  Please note that official documentation of the coursework must be on file in the Registrar’s office in order to have credit awarded.

Contact the Degree Audit and Transfer Credit Specialist based on your last name:

A - L: Tiffany Henning at or at 503-768-7325
M - Z: Caitlin Hansen at or at 503-768-7332

If your notification and documentation are received before your registration appointment, and the transfer credit has been awarded, you will be able to register for this course online during your assigned appointment time.

Obtain any Prerequisite Substitute or Consent Needed to Register for a Course

  • Contact the instructor of the course.

Questions about using “Preferred Sections”

If you have questions about using the preferred sections to register in WebAdvisor, we encourage you to visit the VIDEO LIBRARY maintained by the College Advising Center. These are short, entertaining videos that show how to complete actions in WebAdvisor, or visually demonstrate other important concepts or actions. Check out the graduating cat, or Batman and Robin’s take on AP credit.