Viewing your Academic Progress

You may track your academic progress by using the Program Evaluation - available on WebAdvisor.

The Program Evaluation displays the requirements for your specific degree - including General Education requirements, Major requirements and Minor requirements (if applicable).  It documents the courses you have used to satisfy each of those requirements. It also shows any substitute courses that have been approved for use in place of the regularly required courses.

Directions for viewing or printing your program evaluation can be found at:

Assessing your Academic Progress - Print a Program Evaluation

How To Read A Program Evaluation

If you think that a course should be used to satisfy a requirement, but it is not reflected on your program evaluation, you should contact the Registrar’s office to inquire. Some courses – such as Topics classes like ENG-333, have to be forced to satisfy the requirement manually, as the topic has to be verified by the Registrar’s office. We normally do that upon request of the student.

If you are substituting a course (such as a transfer course), you must use the Course Substitution form and obtain the approval of the Chair of the department.