WebAdvisor Hints

There are two options for accessing current course information:

  • Search for Sections: Anyone can use the Schedule Your Courses link on the bar to the right to look up current course information.
  • Search and Register for sections: Students should use the WebAdvisor link on the bar to the right to log into WebAdvisor where they may search for course sections AND add them to their Preferred Sections List (before registration) and register for their courses (at registration).

When searching you must enter the desired term (Undergraduate terms will be listed as CAS Fall 2015, CAS Spring 2015) plus at least one additional search parameter. Submit your search by clicking submit at the bottom of the page. The next screen lists all courses meeting your search parameters. Click on the Section Name and Title to get more information about the course, including description, pre-requisites, fees, and other information relevant to each offering, such as specific descriptions for “topics” courses.

Course type select courses available to first year students, courses which fill specific general education or interdepartmental major/minor requirements.

  • Open courses only. Checking this box at the bottom of the search page will give you that list.
  • Course Title Keyword(s) looks for parts of the title as we have entered them. For instance, if we have entered a title as “World Lit”, your search for “literature” will not find this course. A search for “lit” will find a course with “literature” in the title.