Video Library

The following videos are intended to help new and continuing students explore graduation requirements, navigate WebAdvisor, and troubleshoot some common problems. For more help, check out the First-Year Student FAQ or Transfer Student FAQ, and get in touch: email us at or make an appointment

Webinar: Preparing for Registration
This webinar was held on 7/22/22, and has all the information incoming and transfer students need to register in WebAdvisor on August 1 and 3, as well as students’ questions for College Advisors and New Student Orientation staff.

The Liberal Arts and Academic Offerings
Check out this webinar from 7/7/22 to learn more about the liberal arts and L&C’s academic offerings, as well incoming students’ questions for College Advisors and New Student Orientation staff.

LC Account Creation Basics


This short tutorial video from L&C’s IT department covers creating an account, logging into email, and how to reset a password.

What day and time do I register?
Incoming students for fall 2022 register on August 1 (Round 1) and August 3 (Round 2). Learn how to find your unique registration start time.


How to search and register for classes in WebAdvisor

Login to WebAdvisor to search and register for class sections. Learn how to find the classes you want and to get on a waitlist if a class is full.


Get tips on how to register for classes and decode some of the common error messages you may encounter in the process.


Swap, don’t drop!

This video shows you how to drop one course in Webadvisor and replace it with another. By using these “swap, don’t drop” steps, you will avoid accidentally dropping a course without being able to add its replacement.


What are General Education Requirements?

Lewis & Clark’s General Education program is designed to spark students’ curiosity, encourage them to take intellectual chances, and push them to participate thoughtfully and passionately in a diverse and interdependent world.

What if I have AP or IB credit?

AP or IB exam credit may affect your placement in some subjects and may fulfill selected general education requirements. Learn how the Advanced Standing section of the Catalog helps navigate these credits.

ALEKS math placement for incoming students

This video provides a helpful overview of the ALEKS math placement that incoming students take over the summer.