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The following videos are intended to help new and continuing students explore graduation requirements, navigate WebAdvisor, and troubleshoot some common problems. For more help, check out the First-Year Student or Transfer Student FAQ, consult the Guide to Pioneer Success, or get in touch: email us at, call us at 503-768-7600, or make an appointment

How to Add/Drop Courses in WebAdvisor

Swap, don’t drop!

Learn how to add and/or drop classes, and how to troubleshoot error messages. 

What are General Education Requirements?

This video explores what Gen Ed courses are, specific requirements, and where to locate courses that fulfill these requirements on WebAdvisor.

You can also learn more about General Education Requirements in the College Catalog.

What if I have AP or IB credit?
What if I have AP or IB credit?

AP or IB exam credit may affect your placement in some subjects. The Advanced Standing section of the Catalog has a subject breakdown for both AP and IB examination equivalencies, and also explains the elective credit L&C grants for AP and IB scores.

What day and time do I register?
What day and time do I register?

Incoming students for Fall 2019 register on July 31 (Round 1) and Aug 2 (Round 2). Learn how to find your unique registration start time. 

How to search and register for sections in WebAdvisor 

Login to WebAdvisor to search and register for sections. Learn how to find the classes you want and to get on a waitlist if a class is full.

What makes a good schedule?

In this video, we talk about putting together a schedule that works for you. 

The minimum number of credits you need to be full time is 12, and the maximum number of credits you can take is 19.


Registration Troubleshooting 

Get tips on how to register for classes and decode some of the common error messages you may encounter in the process.

How to Find and Check your Program Evaluation

For continuing students, the Program Evaluation displays the requirements for your specific degree, and documents the courses you have used to satisfy each of those requirements. It also shows any substitute courses that have been approved for use in place of the regularly required course.


A Program Evaluation is a required part of the degree application.