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Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC)

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The Associated Students of Lewis & Clark (ASLC) is the official body charged with facilitating better communication between students, the faculty, the administration, and the Lewis & Clark community at large. The ASLC, in its various forms and bodies, assists students and student organizations in their efforts by providing financial resources and institutional support, as well as supports an open forum for students to actively address their concerns and grievances.

- Preamble, ASLC Constitution

2015-2016 ASLC Cabinet

Daniela Lopez ’16, President,

Leann Knapp ’16, Vice President,

Lindokuhle Simelane ’16, Treasurer,

Aaron Fellows ’16, Student Academic Affairs Board Chair,

Piper Riley ’16, Student Organizations Coordinator,

Carlton Bone ’18, Community Service and Relations Committee Chair,

Adam Fractor ’17, Chief of Staff,

Phoebe Gresser ’16, Chief Justice,

Bradley Davis ’18, Auditor,

Adrian Austin-King ’16, Director of Elections,

Harold McNaron, Advisor,




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