Office of the Vice President of Student Life Staff

Jessica Sweeney Name: Jessica Sweeney, Program Director and Executive Assistant to the Vice President of Student Life and Dean of Students

Hometown: Portland, OR

Why you chose Lewis & Clark: I love working at Lewis & Clark College! The community is kind, caring, supportive, and collaborative, and there is a general spirit of people - students, staff, and faculty - working together toward the greater good. The campus is beautiful, and its location in “the City of Roses” is conveniently located a short distance from mountains, beaches, and other natural areas.

Hobbies: Spending time with friends and family, running, yoga, reading, and recreating in the Great Outdoors.


Name: Mark Figueroa Jr. - Graduate Assistant

Hometown: West Linn, OR

Major(s)/Minor(s): Graduate School - Student Affairs Administration Master’s Program

Why you chose Lewis & Clark: I chose Lewis & Clark because of the academic challenges and the opportunity to continue playing football.

Hobbies: DJ-ing, watching movies, play videos games, & cooking

Hype song: I can’t lose- Iamsu!



 Name: Helen Hitz

 Hometown: Omaha, NE

 Major(s)/Minor(s):  Economics & Psychology

 Why you chose Lewis & Clark: I always thought that I wanted to attend a huge university with tens of thousands of students and giant lecture halls. Then I visited Lewis & Clark and fell in love. The campus was absolutely gorgeous, the people were incredibly kind, and it was obvious the professors cared about their students and were passionate about what they were teaching. I left my campus visit knowing that L&C was the right fit for me. 

 Hobbies: Watching cheesy rom-coms or cringey reality dating shows and scrolling Twitter for the latest political news

Hype song: Truth Hurts- Lizzo  


 Name: Amy Alvarado, Student Assistant

 Hometown: Portland, Oregon

 Major(s)/Minor(s) : SOAN major

 Why you chose Lewis & Clark:  I chose LC because of its location and beautiful campus as well as the opportunities it offered financially and academically.

Hobbies: Hiking, Reading, and Dancing

Hype song: Safaera- Bad Bunny


  Name: Immanuel Harice

 Hometown: Los Angeles

 Major(s)/Minor(s): Sociology/Anthropology Major

 Why you chose Lewis & Clark: I choose to attend Lewis and Clark because of their abroad program and because of the small class sizes.

 Hobbies: I like to listen to podcasts and making meals that allow me to use my new blender.

 Hype song: I Love You so Much - DJ Khaled (ft. Chance the Rapper)


Name: Kiana Teh

Hometown: Hong Kong, China

Major(s)/Minor(s): Biology Major

Why you chose Lewis & Clark: Location, small class sizes, and NCAA Division III

Hobbies: Swimming, eating, and knitting

Hype song: No Guidance- Chris Brown 


  Name: Emma Pell

  Hometown: Bend, Oregon

  Major(s)/Minor(s): History Major and Latin American Studies Minor

  Why you chose Lewis & Clark: The community and amazing faculty!

  Hobbies: Reading, playing guitar, and cooking

  Hype song: Hot Shower- Chance the Rapper



Name: Pari Magphanthong - Student Assistant

Hometown: Chonburi, Thailand

Major(s)/Minor(s): Psychology and Economics Double Major

Why you chose Lewis & Clark: I chose Lewis & Clark because of the small class size, student to faculty ratio, locations, and generous financial assistance.

Hobbies: Baking, binge watch shows

Hype song: San Fransisco Street — Sun Rai