Student Advisory Committee


ATTENTION ALL STUDENTS! The Vice President of Student Life/Dean of Students would like your help to make Lewis & Clark an unforgettable experience for all. The Office of VPSL/DOS has recently created a Student Advisory Committee for students to share their opinions on various topics and make Lewis & Clark what they want it to look like. The advisory committee is looking for 10-12 undergraduate students to be apart of this advisory committee. There will be an online application form, formal screening, and interview process that will take place before members are selected.

Each member of the committee will receive a stipend and experience serving on this committee. We are looking for students who are well involved or want to get involved around campus in order to uplift the overall student experience. These members are in place to be voices of  the entire student body, so it is crucial for the members to keep that in mind. Below is the link to the application form. To find more information, please email us at or visit The Bark website.

Online Google Form: