Student Resources

In the event of an emergency

Call Campus Safety at 503.768.7777.

Welfare Intervention Network

WIN is a dedicated team of Lewis & Clark professionals who collaboratively coordinate outreach efforts to help students, faculty, and staff who may be a potential health or safety risk to themselves or others. In a developing or non-emergent situation, submit as much information as possible in a report. This report will be forwarded to the appropriate team to review what is occurring and develop a plan to follow-up.

The following is a non-comprehensive list of the response teams that help to support students who are struggling.


When a student is…


* Emotionally distressed or having suicidal thoughts

Counseling Services x7160

After hours or if no answer, call Crisis Counseling Service at 503-265-7804.

Campus Safety x7777


* Posing a threat to others

Campus Safety x7777


* Out of class for unknown reasons

College Advising Center x7750


* Physically ill

Health Service x7165

After hours nurse consultation service: 1-877-617-9531


*Worried about potential COVID exposure or related issues

COVID-19 Specialist,


*Alleged to have violated the Academic Integrity Policy

Gordon Kelly, Head of the College Honor Board x7413


* Possibly missing


* Struggling with alcohol or other drug

Associate Director for Health Promotion x7112

Counseling Service x7160


* Experiencing gender-based violence, such as sexual harassment or sexual assault:

All college employees must report any possible concerns to a Title IX Coordinator:

Casey Bieberich, Associate Dean of Equity and Inclusion & Title IX Coordinator

For a confidential consultation, contact:

Confidential Advocates

Call to Safety (after hours) 503-235-5333

Melissa Osmond, Associate Director for Health Promotion x7112

Counseling Service x7160

Health Service x7165


When a student needs…


* Advice about a leave of absence, permanent withdrawal, or transfer to another school

College Advising Center x7750

Registrar’s Office x7335


* Advice about being a student-athlete

Physical Education/Athletics x7546


* Advice about finances

Financial Aid Office x7090

Student and Departmental Account Services x7829


* Assistance for a learning difference or disability

Office of Student Accessibility (formerly Student Support Services) x7192


* To inform professors that they will be absent from class for a week or more due to sickness or family emergency

Office of Student Accessibility (formerly Student Support Services) x7192


* Spiritual or religious support

Hilary Martin Himan, Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life x7082


* Help with grieving

Hilary Martin Himan, Chaplain and Director of Spiritual Life x7082

Counseling Service x7160


* Consultation on supporting a fellow student who is experiencing emotional distress.

Office of Student Accessibility x8230

Counseling Service x7160


* Help connecting socially or getting involved on campus

Vice President of Student Life Office, x7110

Student Engagement x7121


* Advice about strategies for addressing academic warning or probation

College Advising Center x7750


* Assistance for a physical disability, including short-term injury or illness

Office of Student Accessibility (formerly Student Support Services) x7192


* Information about how to get tutoring

Writing Center x7505

Symbolic and Quantitative Reasoning Center (SQRC)

SAAB Tutoring

Keck Interactive Learning Center


* Advice or Assistance with internships, jobs, or career planning

Career Center x7114


* To be cleared to register because their advisor is unavailable or on leave

College Advising Center x7750


* Information about graduate scholarships, national fellowships, and internships

Career Center x7114


* Information about international issues or visa concerns

International Students & Scholars x7305


*Advice or information on any identity-based need, or experiences an instance of discrimination such as racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc.

Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement x7051

Counseling Service x7160

Bias Assessment and Response Team

Spiritual Life x7082


* To make a complaint about a grade or a faculty member

1st: Faculty member (if possible)

2nd: Department/Program Chair

3rd: Dean of the College x7100


* To make a complaint about discrimination or harassment, including that based on religion, race, disability, etc.


*Needs access to resources to support their overall wellness/academic engagement either on campus or off campus and is unsure where to start

Office of Student Accessibility x8230

Updated August 2021