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First-Year Experience

Your first year at L&C is full of a lot of excitement—and a lot of learning! Adjusting to your new home, friends, and coursework can be overwhelming, but our fantastic student support systems are here to guide you every step of the way. 

Our First-Year Experience (FYE) is designed to help all new students—first year and transfer—with the transition to college life at Lewis & Clark. By connecting you to our on-campus resources and hosting events to foster a sense of belonging from day one, you will thrive in your personal and academic journey.

Meet Your Team

  • Our office helps new students engage with support offices, learn about resources for academic success, make meaningful connections with faculty, and unlock skills that will help them when they graduate.

    Franchesca Spann BA ’20
    First-Year Experience Coordinator
    More about Franchesca
  • We strive to help incoming students (both first year and transfer) make personal connections, find ways to engage with the many opportunities at L&C, and successfully meet their academic goals.

    Jonathan Manz
    Director of First-Year Experience
    More about Jonathan

Specialized Support

Pictures of the Great Expectation retreat of mentees, mentors, and staff.

Great Expectations

The Great Expectations Mentorship (GEM) Program is designed to support incoming BIPOC and/or first-generation new students with their transition to Lewis & Clark College.

Undergraduate campus

International Students

As you start your life as a college student in the U.S., our International Students and Scholars Office is ready to support you, beginning with a specialized orientation!

Student studying outside

Transfer Students

We recognize that as a transfer student, your needs differ from those of a first-year student. From the admission process to orientation, we ensure you have the support you need.

Your First Year

  • #1

    Lewis & Clark is number one on Niche’s list of Best College Campuses in Oregon.

  • 125

    of our undergraduate students are Third Culture Kids.

  • 15%

    first-generation students at Lewis & Clark College

  • 2,188

    As of fall 2022, there are 2,188 degree-seeking students enrolled at Lewis & Clark College.

  • Top 100

    Lewis & Clark is in the top 100 on U.S. News & World Report’s 2022–23 “Best National Liberal Arts Colleges” list.