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Overseas and Off-Campus Programs

England: London (Humanities)


Date: Early September - Mid December
Offered: Annually
Program Focus: General Culture & Humanities 


Minimum of 3.0 GPA is required.                                                                        
Fall 2017
Program Leader:

Karen Gross
Associate Professor of English
ext. 7406

Fall 2018
Program Leader:

David Campion
Associate Professor of History
ext. 7435

Program Design:

This humanities program is based in London, England and has been developed in conjunction with IES Abroad, which will be the transcripting authority for the program.

Students will take their courses and maintain residence at Queen Mary College, located in East London. Queen Mary (QM), established in 1887, is an affiliated college of the University of London.

Students will take 12 to 15 semester credits of courses at QM. At least 8 semester credits must be in the humanities. Remaining credits may be in whatever subject students wish, as long as the course has transfer approval from the registrar.

One course (4 credits) course will be a humanities course taught by the faculty program leader.

The program also includes group travel to Scotland and points of interest in England.  Students will live in campus dormitories. 

Requirements Fulfilled:

Fulfills the two-course international studies requirement.


Credit earned varies based on courses completed. Students may earn up to 19 credits. (Overloads are not permitted.) 


Fall 2017: IS-356 Ricardian Literature

This class will examine the reign of Richard II through the literature and art produced during his rule. Some of the issues we will consider are royal self-fashioning, chivalry and knighthood, the cult of the saints, the interlocking responsibilities of the three estates, the relation of London and the provinces, and the conflation of the earthly and the divine in medieval imagination. Authors include Geoffrey Chaucer, William Langland, and the Gawain-poet. Some excursions will be included to enhance class material: a tour of medieval London, visits to Westminster Abbey and Westminster Hall, a behind-the-scenes session at the National Archives in Kew, a day-trip to Canterbury and Dover, and a three-day visit to the Peak District. Along with these class trips, we’ll take advantage of our London setting to have assignments that will require you to visit the British Library, the British Museum, the Victoria & Albert Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the National Gallery on your own. Taught by Karen Gross.

Fall 2018: IS-256 London Through the Ages
This course surveys the fascinating history of London from the first settlement to the present day.  We will trace the making and remaking of this great metropolis across two millennia from its origins as a garrison town at the edge of the Roman Empire, to the political and cultural capital of Medieval England and later Britain, to the heart of the first industrial society and center of the world’s largest empire, through the crucible of two world wars, and finally to its evolution into one of the most complex, vibrant, and diverse cities in the world.  Course material will include a mix of historical scholarship, primary sources, literature, and music.  Excursions and site visits may include walking tours of medieval London and maritime Greenwich, a tour of the Houses of Parliament, a behind-the-scenes session at the National Archives, and visits to the Museum of London, Museum of Steam & Water, and Cabinet War Rooms.  Along with these group trips, assignments may require students individually to visit the British Library, British Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Imperial War Museum, National Portrait Gallery, and other sites.  Taught by David Campion.

Additional courses will be chosen from the Queen Mary course offerings at large.  (University Prerequisites apply. Two of the courses must be in the humanities.)  Credit per course may vary – the program leader will assist with planning a full schedule.

Program Design


Queen Mary College

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