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College Advising Center


The College Advising Center is here as an advising resource for students and faculty alike. We are located in the Albany Quadrangle. 

Janet Davidson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
Faculty Director, College Advising Center
phone: (503)768-7648

Janet is the Faculty Director of Advising, a developmental psychologist and an associate professor in L&C’s Psychology Department. She has taught and advised at L&C for many years. Her duties in the College Advising Center include training new faculty advisors, representing and addressing the needs of all faculty advisors, and helping students.

Kaiti Lemon

Administrative Specialist/CAS College Advisor
phone: (503) 768-7750

As an Administrative Specialist, Kaiti runs the day to day operations of the Advising Office, including processing academic alerts and change of advisor forms. As a College Advisor, she assists students with creating a schedule, working on four-year plans, and helps students who have questions or concerns about academic programs, or run into academic difficulties. 

Katie McFaddin

Assistant Dean for Student Success and Retention                                                                                       Managing Director, College Advising Center
phone: (503) 768-7673

As Managing Director of the College Advising Center, the Assistant Dean oversees the College Advising Center and the advising program, which involves first-year, continuing, and major/minor advising at Lewis & Clark. This helps ensure that each student has an optimal advising relationship with his or her College and faculty advisors.

Heather Miner, Ph.D.

CAS College Advisor
phone: (503) 768-8233

As a College Advisor, Heather helps students with all parts of their academic experience, including creating long-range academic plans, selecting classes, and answering questions or concerns about academic policies. In addition, she helps students develop their academic and writing habits, and prepare for off-campus programs. A former teacher in LC’s Exploration & Discovery Program, Heather also supports faculty in their teaching and advising work.

Blair Orfall, Ph.D.

Administrative Specialist/SAAB Tutoring Coordinator
phone: (503) 768-7600

As an Administrative Specialist, Blair helps runs the day-to-day business operations of the Advising Office. In her role as a SAAB Tutoring Coordinator, Blair acts as a liaison between students and tutors.  

Krystle Perkins

CAS College Advisor
phone: (503) 768-8234

As a College Advisor, Krystle helps students create schedules, choose the right classes to meet requirements inside and outside their major, prepare long-range academic plans, and answer questions or concerns students have about academic programs. She can also assist with time management skills, study skills, and academic planning for off-campus programs.