Becoming a Tutor

SAAB Tutoring is a free peer-to-peer tutoring program for all students at L&C whereby students who have excelled in a course are paid to provide free assistance to students currently enrolled in that course. All L&C students are eligible to receive two hours of tutoring per course each week. 

Position Description: SAAB Tutors are effective, patient, and timely communicators who have excelled in the courses for which they tutor. They supplement classroom instruction in individual and small-group study sessions. In addition, tutors guide students to appropriate resources and to faculty when SAAB tutoring is insufficient.

Position Requirements:

● Gained proficiency in course materials and demonstrated competency through course completion with an above-average grade (typically A; contingent upon instructor approval) OR

● Gained the recommendation of course professor, or, in their absence, the department chair or section head, indicating that the student can fulfill the needs of the position description;

● Interested in course content and confident in ability to assist others’ understanding;

● Be in good academic standing.

Students who do not meet these requirements may still apply to be a tutor, but must meet with the Director of Tutoring Programs directly and may be subject to further review.

Position Tasks: Tutors are expected to respond within two business days (48 hours) to a request for assistance. Continuing as a tutor is dependent on prompt communication with tutor coordinators and tutees. All tutors must complete an online tutor log within 24 hours of each tutoring session.

Time Commitment: Tutors work by appointment only and must attend a training session prior to tutoring. Tutoring is typically an ongoing commitment throughout the semester. Tutors are expected to check email frequently and respond promptly to position-related communication.

Benefits: Tutors are paid the Lewis & Clark wage rate for each hour they work and for mandatory training. Additionally, by teaching and reviewing course material, tutors gain unique professional experience and enhance their own subject-based knowledge.

Additional Information:

● Tutors may work with a maximum of 4 students in the same session.

● Tutors may not meet with students in dorm bedrooms. 

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