Academic Advising at LC

Advising Model

The College Advisor-Advisee Relationship

As the advisee, you:

  • Use the resources provided to you online and via email to learn about the college’s academic requirements and policies
  • Engage with your College Advisor about your academic interests, plans, and goals
  • Schedule and attend advising appointments whenever you need advising help or when requested by your College Advisor
  • Check your L&C email regularly to stay up-to-date on important information from your College Advisor (and L&C in general)
  • Utilize the campus resources available to you to achieve your academic goals and ask your College Advisor when unsure of the resources offered
  • Inform your College Advisor if there are circumstances that could hinder your academic success, such as illness or other personal situations

As the advisor, we:

  • Help you to learn about our academic programs
  • Help you understand the major, general education, and degree requirements needed for your undergraduate degree
  • Help you understand academic policies and procedures and assist you in navigating college procedures
  • Help you to actively explore potential majors and to engage in decision-making that can help you determine the major that is the best fit for your academic goals
  • Collaborate with your Faculty Advisor to make graduation, study abroad, and academic plans
  • Check in with you about life outside the classroom so that we can support your holistic well-being
  • Connect you to academic and student life resources and staff on campus
  • Provide a supportive, respectful space where you can share your experiences, thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns
  • Advise you through decisions to take time away from the college (i.e. a leave of absence, a semester withdrawal)