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Tutoring Policies


  • Students (i.e., Tutees) may sign up for up to 2 hours of one-to-one sessions per course each week. Group tutoring does count toward the weekly 2 hours per course weekly limit. A week is defined as Sunday to Saturday. Exceptions to the limit may be considered; please contact SAAB Tutoring for approval, 
  • Tutees are expected to come prepared to peer tutoring with questions and having reviewed the material. Peer tutors do not have access to the answers for assignments and are not permitted to check answers or work directly on homework.
  • Tutoring for languages takes place in the Keck Interactive Learning Center (ILC) in Miller 211 or in Watzek Library if the ILC is closed. Tutoring for math, biology, chemistry, economics, etc. takes place near the SQRC in Howard Hall or in Watzek Library. Tutoring for all other subjects takes place in Watzek Library. Exceptions to tutoring locations can be considered; please contact SAAB Tutoring for approval, 

Cancellation & Missed Appointments

  • Students must notify their peer tutor at least 24 hours prior to the start of your coordinated tutoring time.
  • Students who miss three scheduled appointments (either by not showing up or by cancelling with less than 24 hours’ notice) may lose access to participating in the tutoring program for that course for the remainder of the semester and must consult with SAAB Tutoring.

Academic Integrity 

  • Students using  SAAB Tutoring are protected under FERPA. Tutors cannot publicly acknowledge that you are a tutee’s tutor and are not able to discuss with anyone outside of SAAB Tutoring that identifies the tutee. 

Electronic Tutoring 
  • SAAB tutoring sessions are expected to be in person and not through electronic methods (Chatrooms, email, video call etc.) Tutors are not able to engage in work of tutoring electronically (answering questions, discussing course materials, follow up emails etc.) The use of electronic communications is solely for the use tutoring scheduling purposes.