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Change of Advisor Form
If you would like to change your pre-major or major Faculty Advisor, please return this completed form to the College Advising Center, in Albany 206 (when you declare a Major or Minor, please return the form to the Registrar’s Office) .

Fall 202 Semester on a Page
Use the “Semester on a Page” to record and keep track of major assignments and exams in one place.

Academic Plan (PDF)

Pre-fall 2020 Academic Plan (PDF)

Pre-fall 2020 Academic Plan (online)
The above link will prompt you to save your own copy of this Google Sheet. You can enter academic planning information and share with others. The Google Sheet will automatically populate semester dates based on the first semester attended and credit totals based on the amounts you enter for each semester. You will need a LC email account to access this sheet.

Hidden Gems
If you are searching for classes that explore intriguing topics, are taught by engaging faculty, and offer small class size, we suggest you try out L&C’s hidden gems. These classes come from a wide variety of departments and may, as a bonus, help meet general education or elective credit requirements.

Includes 1 and 2-credit course options.

L&C Academic Resources
A handy list of academic support resources on campus and how to access them, as well as some useful study tips.

L&C Self-Care Resources
Self-care is any activity that we deliberately do to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health, and it is essential to academic success. This hand-out describes a range of self-care resources on campus, from College Outdoors to the Counseling Center and beyond. 

Major Tasks
Use this chart as way of breaking a large task into smaller parts and considering the best order and schedule for finishing each part.

Pre-Health Coursework
This handout gives you an overview of required and recommended coursework, as well as sample four-year graduation plans, for admission to healthcare professional schools. The Health Professions website provides further information about pre-health resources on campus and beyond, including our Pre-Health Advisors on campus, Julio C. de Paula, Professor of Chemistry, and Adonica De Vault, Associate Director of the Career Center.

Teacher Pathways
This program offers Lewis & Clark undergraduates the opportunity to gain early admission into a master of arts in teaching degree program at our Graduate School of Education and Counseling. If admitted to the Teacher Pathways program, you will be required to meet academic and volunteering benchmarks throughout your undergraduate years to maintain good standing in the program and guarantee acceptance to the master’s degree program at the graduate school