Registration Information for Continuing Students

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First Round:

1 course of more than 2 credits

April 2: 

Rising Seniors
(current juniors)

April 3: 

Rising Juniors
(current sophomores)

April 4:
Rising Sophomores
(current first-years)

Second Round:

All other courses


April 9:
Rising Seniors
April 10:
Rising Juniors
April 11:
Rising Sophomores

Registration for fall 2024 Classes

Students can see their registration times under Registration Permissions in WebAdvisor. There are two rounds of registration for all students. Registration start times are staggered each morning and start at 7am, and then first round registration stays open until 4pm that day. 

During the first round, you will have the opportunity to register for one 4 or 5-credit course. During the second round, you may fill out your schedule to a maximum of 19 credits (overloads are not allowed until the add/drop period in September).

After each student’s second round registration window open, it will remain open until August 16, 2024. Note, though, that most introductory and first-year courses will be closed for continuing student registration after June 14, 2024.

Pre-Registration Advising and Permission

All students are required to gain permission to register for fall classes from their faculty advisor prior to registration. If you do not have permission when your registration window opens, contact your Faculty and/or College Advisor immediately

You can verify that permission has been given by looking at your Registration Permissions on WebAdvisor.

Registration Holds

Prior to registration, make sure that you do not have any holds or restrictions on your account (from Student Accounts, Student Rights & Responsibilities, or other offices on campus) that prevent you from registering. You will not be able to register until you have both permission to register and have cleared any holds or restrictions with the appropriate office.

Students should consult My Holds and Authorizations in WebAdvisor for this information.

Things to keep in mind before you register for classes:

  • Consent to register: All students need permission from an Advisor to register for classes, and should meet with their Faculty Advisor during the pre-registration advising period.
  • Registration times: Your registration days and times are based on the cohort year you entered LC. Registration start times are staggered each morning, and start at 7am. Each student’s unique registration days and times are listed under Registration Permissions in WebAdvisor.
  • Special permissions: If you are interested in a course but have not met the prerequisite or are otherwise restricted for some reason from registering for it, email the Professor of the course (listed in WebAdvisor) to discuss permission to enroll in the course. If granted, their permission will appear in Registration Permissions in WebAdvisor and you can register for the course so long as there is an opens seat. If an instructor is not listed in WebAdvisor (“Staff”), you may email the chair of the department the course is in for advice.
  • Class standing and course restrictions: Students with sufficient transfer credits and/or advanced standing credits may register for courses which do not align with their cohort year. For example, a first-year student with 29 or more credits has Sophomore class standing and can therefore register for courses that require Sophomore standing. The Class Standing section of the College Catalog provides further detail.
  • A note on BIO 110: Registration for BIO 110 is restricted to students with less than 20 credits. If you have completed more than 20 credits total already (including advanced standing / transfer credits you may have brought in), you will not be able to register without instructor permission (see “Special permissions” above).

After registration opens:

  • If you missed Round 1: Sign up for all courses in the second round.
  • After Round 2: After each student’s second round registration window open, it will remain open until August 16, 2024. Note, though, that most introductory and first-year courses will be closed for continuing student registration after June 14, 2024.

Notes about waitlists:

  • Don’t rely on them: Students should always waitlist for courses they cannot register for outright but are eager to take (if a new section of the course is opened, for example, students on the waitlist are offered spots in the new section first). However, do not depend on the waitlist: you should register for an alternative class instead of relying on only the possibility of a seat.
  • Round 1: If a course you wanted to register for as your priority class is closed when your registration window opens, add yourself to the waitlist first, then register for an another, open course. You may add yourself to more than one waitlist. Once you have registered for a course in Round 1, you cannot add yourself to any waitlists in this round.
  • Round 2: Once this round is open, you may add yourself to the waitlist for any class that is listed as “closed” in WebAdvisor (meaning there are no open seats in the course, but also no students on a waitlist yet) or already has a waitlist.
  • Irregular issues: If you would like to waitlist for another section of a course for which you are already registered, or waitlist yourself for lab or conference sections, contact the Registrar’s Office directly at
  • Check email: When a space becomes available in a waitlisted course, the first student on the list will be emailed and will have 48 hours to register for that class. After that, the permission to register will expire and the seat will be offered to the next student on the waitlist. Waitlists are processed until the fall, so be sure to check your email frequently.
  • When all waitlists disappear: After registration closes on August 17, and prior to the start of classes, waitlist processing ends, all waitlists are removed from WebAdvisor, and each instructor manages their own class roster during the add/drop period. 
  • If you don’t get a spot off the waitlist: If you do not get into a class before the semester begins, you may email the course instructor and ask their advice. You may also attend the first class. There is no guarantee that there will be space, or that the instructor will allow you to join the class, however.


  • If you do not intend to return to LC in the spring, be sure to contact the Registrar’s Office regarding a Leave of Absence or Withdrawal
  • Need help deciding what to register for, before or after registration opens? Speak with your Faculty and/or College Advisor. You may book an appointment with a College Advisor throughout the summer here.
  • After Round 2, when registration is fully open, you can see all classes that have open spots by entering the term (“CAS - fall2024”) and checking the “Open Sections Only” box then clicking “Submit” in the Search for Sections screen.