Hidden Gems

If you are searching for classes that explore intriguing topics, are taught by engaging faculty, and offer small class size, try out one of L&C’s hidden gems. These classes come from a wide variety of departments and may, as a bonus, help meet general education or elective credit requirements.

These courses are all being offered in fall 2022. Please consult WebAdvisor for course prerequisites and restrictions, and to read the full course description. 

(Faculty: Want to add your course to the list below? Email Heather Miner at hminer@lclark.edu)

ART-257-F1: Urban Experience in China

ART-229: Art & Ecology

ART-325: Ovid and the Visual Arts

AS-100: Contemporary Asian Studies

AS-251-F1: Contemporary Korean Culture

CHEM-105-01: Perspectives in Nutrition

CHIN-290-F1: Chinese Literature in Translation: Classic Novels

CLAS-201-F1: Greek Thought and Culture

CLAS-320: Greek and Roman Epic

DSCI-140: Introduction to Data Science

ED-205-F1: Education in a Complex World

ELI-310: Curatorial Affairs in the Arts

ELI-345 Practica: Please reach out to Brian Detweiler-Bedell (bedell@lclark.edu) to learn more and request instructor permission, which is required for all of these practica

ELI-345-01: Practicum: Film Production

ELI-345-02: Practicum: Music Industry

ELI-345-03: Practicum: Grant Writing

ENG-218-F1: Renaissance Medicine in Literature

ENG-235-F1: Topics: Beowulf

ENG-319-01: Postcolonial Literature: African/Indian/Caribbean 

ENG-323-01: American Modernism

ENG-334-01: Topics: Oscar Wilde

ESS-280: The Fundamentals of Hydrology

HEAL-210-F1: Public Health

HEAL-260-F1: Global Health

HIST-242-F1: Borderlands: US-Mexico, 16th Century to the Present

HIST-261-F1: Global Environmental History

HIST-310: China in the World

HIST-326: History of Soviet Russia

HIST-397: Topics in Military History

MUS-102: Jazz Appreciation

MUS-104: Sound and Sense: Understanding Music

MUS-106: Workshops in World Music

MUS-236: Music of Latin America

MUS-281: Art & Science of the Voice

MUS-361: Writing About Music

PHIL-217-F1: Science, Politics & Social Justice

PHIL-217-F1: Phenomenology & Existentialism

PHIL-241-F1: Data, Privacy, and Ethics

PHYS-106: Physics of Music

PHYS-110: Great Ideas in Physics

RELS-104: Religion and Violence

RELS-105: Apocalyptic Imagination

RELS-224-F1: Jewish Origins

RELS-254-F1: Religion in Modern America, 1865-Present

RELS-274-F1: Islam in the Modern World

RELS-373: The Reformations of the Sixteenth Century

RELS-376: Religious Fundamentalism

SOAN-298: Sociology of Love

SOAN-309: Labors of Love

SOAN-335: Political Economy of Housing

SOAN-393: Affect Theory

TH-107: Ballet I

TH-214-F1: Dance in Context: History and Criticism

TH-218: Fundamentals of Design

WLL-140: Fairy Tales Across Cultures

Looking to round out your schedule with a 1 or 2-credit course? The following classes are being offered in spring 2022. Please consult WebAdvisor for class availability. 

AESC-270-F1: Developing Intercultural Competence (2 credits)

AS-156: Art of Tea in Japanese Culture I (2 credits)

CHIN-251-F1: Chinese Conversation (2 credits)

CS-111: Introduction to Cybersecurity (2 credits)

FREN-261-F1: Conversational French (2 credits)

GERM-251-F1: German Conversation (2 credits)

JAPN-251-F1: Japanese Conversation (2 credits)

Music Performance: multiple courses (1 and 2 credit options)

Physical Education 101: multiple courses (1 credit)

RUSS-251-F1: Russian Conversation (2 credits)

SPAN-251-F1: Intermediate Spanish Conversation (2 credits)

SPAN-351: Advanced Conversational Spanish (2 credits)

TH-104: Stage Makeup (2 credits)

TH-110A: Theatre Laboratory (2 credits)

TH-110B: Theatre Laboratory (1 credit)