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Hidden Gems

If you are searching for classes that explore intriguing topics, are taught by engaging faculty, and offer small class size, we suggest you try out L&C’s hidden gems. These classes come from a wide variety of departments and may, as a bonus, help meet general education or elective credit requirements.

These courses are all being offered in Fall 2018. Please consult WebAdvisor for course prerequisites and restrictions, and to read the full course description. 

Art 327: Painting Hybrids 

CHIN 101: Beginning Chinese I

CLAS 201-F1: Greek Thought and Culture

EDUC 205-F1 or F2: Education in a Complex World

EINV 260: Sustainability & Entrepreneurship

ENG 100: Topics in Literature

ENG 205-F1 and F2: Major Periods and Issues in English Literature

ENG 209-F1: Introduction to American Literature

ENG 240-F1: The Brontes: Legends and Legacies

ENG 314: Romantics: Frankenstein 200 

FREN 101: Beginning French I

GEOL 170 and GEOL 170L: Climate Science with a lab section (Prerequisite: ALEKS score of 53 or higher or the equivalent) 

GERM 101: Beginning German I

GRK 101: Classical Greek

HIST 110: Early East Asian History

HIST 120: Early European History

HIST 135: US Empire to Superpower

HIST 141: Colonial Latin American History

HIST 223-F1: War and Society in Pre-modern Europe

HIST 297-01: 20th-Century Caribbean  (first-years welcome; must gain the permission of the instructor in WebAdvisor to register) 

HIST 297-02: Building the Transatlantic World (first-years welcome; must gain the permission of the instructor in WebAdvisor to register)

JAPN 101: Beginning Japanese I

MATH 103: Perspectives in Math (Prerequisite: ALEKS score of 53 or higher or the equivalent)

MUS 104: Sound and Sense: Understanding Music

MUS 142: Music and Social Justice

MUS 237: Music of Latin America

PHIL 101: Logic

PHIL 102: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 103: Ethics

PHIL 201-F1: Philosophy of Religion

PHIL 207-F1: Indian Philosophy

PHIL 217: Topics: Law and Social Justice

PHYS 106: Physics of Music (Prerequisite: ALEKS score of 53 or higher or equivalent)

PHYS 110: Great Ideas in Physics (Prerequisite: ALEKS score of 53 or higher or equivalent)

POLS 103: Introduction to American Politics

RELS 201-F1: History and Theory

RELS 254-F1: Religion in Modern America, 1865 to Present

RELS 274-F1: Islam in the Modern World

RHMS 100: Introduction to Rhetoric and Media Studies

RHMS 270-F1: Interpersonal Media

RUSS 101: Beginning Russian I

SOAN 100: Introduction to Sociology

SOAN 110: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

SOAN 298-F1: Digital Media in East Asia

TH 214-F1: Dance in Context: History and Criticism

TH 218: Fundamentals of Design 

TH 275-F1: Introduction to Playwriting

TH 280-F1: Theatre and Society: Global Foundations