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Hidden Gems

If you are searching for classes that explore intriguing topics, are taught by engaging faculty, and offer small class size, we suggest you try out L&C’s hidden gems. These classes come from a wide variety of departments and may, as a bonus, help meet general education or elective credit requirements.

These courses are all being offered in Fall 2017. Please consult WebAdvisor for course prerequisites and restrictions, and to read the full course description. 

Art 208-F1: Ancient Art

Art 230-F1: 17th-Century Art

Art 327: Powerful Objects: Monuments & Memorials

Chin 290-F1: Topics in Chinese Literature in Translation: Reform Era Fiction & Film

Clas 202-F1: Introduction to Ancient Roman Thought and Culture

Eng 209-F1: Introduction to American Literature

HIST 110: Early East Asian History

Hist 120: Early European History

Hist 135: United States: Empire to Superpower

Hist 141: Colonial Latin American History

Hist 221-F1: Tudor and Stuart Britain, 1485 to 1688

HIST 243-F1: African American History from 1863 

Math 123: Calculus & Statistics for Modeling the Life Sciences

Mus 142: Music and Social Justice

Phil 102: Introduction to Philosophy

Phil 103: Ethics

Phil 201-F1: Philosophy of Religion

Rels 103: Asceticism

Rels 201-F1: History and Theory

Rels 224-F1: Jewish Origins

Rels 243-F1: Buddhism: Theory, Culture, and Practice

Rels 253-F1: Prophets, Seekers, and Heretics: U.S. Religious History from 1492 to 1865

RHMS 211-F1: Professional Discourse

RHMS 270-F1: Interpersonal Media

SOAN 270-F1: Cultural Politics of Youth in East Asia

TH 209-F1: Social Dance Forms

TH 280-F1: Theatre and Society