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Hidden Gems

If you are searching for classes that explore intriguing topics, are taught by engaging faculty, and offer small class size, we suggest you try out L&C’s hidden gems. These classes come from a wide variety of departments and may, as a bonus, help meet general education or elective credit requirements.

These courses are all being offered in Fall 2019. Please consult WebAdvisor for course prerequisites and restrictions, and to read the full course description. 

AS 100-01: Contemporary Asian Studies

CHIN 290: Topics  in Chinese Literature in Translation: The Classic Novels

ECON 103: Statistics

EINV 280: Communicating a Vision

EINV 290: Tech of Future

ENG 100: Introductory Topics in Literature: Films Adapting Fiction

ENG 100: Introductory Topics in Literature: Modern Masterpiece: Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan Novels 

ENG 315: The Victorians: Heroes, Decadents, and Madwomen 

ENG 316: Modern British and Irish Literature 

ENG 331: Shakespeare: Early Works

ENG 334: Special Topics in Literature: Ancient Masterpieces

ENVS 160: Intro to Environmental Studies

HIST-110-01: Early East Asian History

HIST-120-01: Early European History

HIST-135-01: US Empire to Superpower

HIST-141-01: Colonial Latin American Hist

HIST-222-01: Brit: Age Revolution 1688-1815

HIST-230-01: Eastern Europe: Borderlands

HIST-231A-F1: US Womens History 1600-1980

HIST-243-F1: African American History

HIST-288-F1: China in the News

MUS 106: Workshops in World Music

PHIL 101: Logic

PHIL 102: Introduction to Philosophy

PHIL 103: Ethics

PHIL 215: Philosophy & the Environment

PHIL 217-F1: Selfhood & Personal Identity

PHIL 217-F2: Marxism

PHIL 217-F3: Law & Social Justice

POLS 103:  Intro to American Politics

RELS 251-F1: Medieval Christianity

RUSS 290-F1: Topics in Russian Literature and Culture in Translation: Soviet Sci Fi