Hidden Gems

**Updated 4 March 2024**

If you are searching for classes that explore intriguing topics, are taught by engaging faculty, and offer small class size, try out one of L&C’s hidden gems. These classes come from a wide variety of departments and may, as a bonus, help meet general education or elective credit requirements.

Looking to round out your schedule with a 1 or 2-credit course? A list of options is at the end of the page.

These courses are all being offered in fall 2024. Please consult WebAdvisor for course prerequisites and restrictions, and to read the full course description. 

(Faculty: Want to add your course to the list below? Email Heather Miner at hminer@lclark.edu)

ART 150: Chinese Art

ART 229-F1: Art & Ecology

ART 325: Ovid and the Visual Arts

AS 100: Contemporary Asian Studies

AS 251-F1: Contemporary Korean Culture

CHIN 290-F1: Topics in Chinese Literature in Translation: The Classic Novels

CLAS 320: Greek and Roman Epic

CS 107: Perspectives Computer Science

DSCI 140: Introduction to Data Science

DSCI 240-F1: Data for Good

ECON 298-F1: Business and Economic Forecast

ED 205: Education in a Complex Society

ELI 101: Innovation

ELI 260: Sustainability

ELI 310: Curatorial Affairs in the Arts

ELI 345-01: Practicum: Grant Writing

ELI 345-02: Practicum: Wealth Management

ELI 345-03: Practicum: Sales & Negotiation

ELI 345-04: Practicum: Real Estate & Society

ENG 333: Major Figures: Virginia Woolf

ENVS 490: Topics: Forests

ENVS 490-02: Landscape Mapping & Monitoring

ESS 280:  The Fundamentals of Hydrology

ETHS 200-F1: Intro to Ethnic Studies

HEAL 320: Health Care Systems & Stories

HIST 213-F1: Personal Narratives in Chinese History

MUS 106: Workshops in World Music

MUS 236: Music of Asia

PHIL 214-F1: Philosophy of Law

PHIL 217-F1: Topics: Philosophy of Race & Racism

PHIL 241-F1: Data, Privacy, and Ethics

PHYS 106: Physics of Music

PHYS 110: Great Ideas in Physics

POLS 351: Presidential Politics

RELS 102: Food and Religion

RELS 105: Apocalyptic Imagination

RELS 243-F1: Buddhism: Theory, Culture, and Practice

RELS 254-F1: Religion in Modern America, 1865 to Present

RELS 275-F1: Introduction to Islam

RHMS 210-F1: Public Discourse

TH 107: Ballet

TH 108: Contemporary Dance Forms

WLL 140: Fairy Tales Across Cultures

Looking to round out your schedule with a 1 or 2-credit course? The following classes are being offered in fall 2024. Please consult WebAdvisor for class schedule and prerequisites. 

AS 156: Art of Tea in Japanese Culture I (2 credits)

CHIN 251-F1: Chinese Conversation (2 credits)

CS 111: Introduction to Cybersecurity (2 credits)

ELI 211-01: Skills Lab Short Course: Data Visualization (1 credit)

ELI 211-02: Skills Lab Short Course: Excel (1 credit)

FREN 261-F1: Conversational French (2 credits)

GERM 251-F1: German Conversation (2 credits)

JAPN 251-F1: Japanese Conversation (2 credits)

Music Performance (MUP): multiple courses (1 and 2 credit options); please consult WebAdvisor for full list

MUP 121: Gamelan Ensemble (1 credit)

MUP 127: Ghanaian Music Ensemble (1 credit)

MUP 128: Zimbabwean Music Ensemble (1 credit)

MUP 129: Indian Music Ensemble (1 credit)

MUP 130: Latin American Music Ensemble (1 credit)

Physical Education/Activities 101 (PE/A): multiple courses (1 credit); please consult WebAdvisor for full list

RUSS 251-F1: Russian Conversation (2 credits)

SPAN 251-F1: Intermediate Spanish Conversation (2 credits)

SPAN 351: Advanced Conversational Spanish (2 credits)

TH 104: Stage Makeup (2 credits)

TH 110A: Theatre Laboratory (2 credits)

TH 110B: Theatre Laboratory (1 credit)