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Hidden Gems

If you are searching for classes that explore intriguing topics, are taught by engaging faculty, and offer small class size, we suggest you try out L&C’s hidden gems. These classes come from a wide variety of departments and may, as a bonus, help meet general education or elective credit requirements.

These courses are all being offered in Spring 2018. Please consult WebAdvisor for course prerequisites and restrictions, and to read the full course description. 


Art 257: Art of Late Imperial & Republican China

Asian Studies 100: Introduction to Contemporary Asian Studies

Classics 254-F1: Ancient Greek Myth and Religion

Economics 220: The Financial System

Education 446: Reimagining Teaching and Learning

Education 455: Science Education in the Twenty-First Century: Why, What, Where, and for Whom?

English 100: Literary Representations of Childhood

English 279: Classical Backgrounds

English 298/History 298 (cross-listed): Literature and History of 20th-Century Britain

German 230-F1: German Literature in Translation: Robots, Vamps, & Superheroes

History 209-F1: Japan at War

History 213-F1: Personal Narratives in Chinese History

History 217-F1: The Emergence of Modern South Asia

History 219-F1: Ancient Rome: From Republic to Empire

History 264-F1: From Stumptown to Portlandia: The History of Portland

Music 124: The Symphony 

Philosophy 102: Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophy 217-F1: Emotion, Evolution & Expression 

Religious Studies 102: Food and Religion in America 

Religious Studies 246-F1: Religions of Japan 

Religious Studies 251-F1: Medieval Christianity 

Religious Studies 262-F1: Judaism Encounters Modernity

Religious Studies 274-F1: Islam in the Modern World

Rhetoric & Media Studies 221-F1: Argumentation 

Rhetoric & Media Studies 270-F1: Interpersonal Media 

Rhetoric & Media Studies 275: Interpersonal Rhetoric