Student Leaders

Updated 9/9/2020

The NSO Leader Team


NSO 2020 Leaders!

Group Leaders

Group Leaders will work closely with a group of new students. Group leaders assist students with their NSO activities by showing them around campus including academic advising, the common reading, sexual health and consent training, and more. New students are encouraged to ask questions and maintain contact with their Group Leader after NSO. 

NSO Leaders for Spring 2021 are as follows: 

Mikah Bertlemann

Class of 2021

International Affairs


Annabelle Rousseau

Class of 2023

Environmental Studies, with minors in Political Economy and English


Lila Khammash

Class of 2023

International Affairs, with a minor in Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation


Katrina Kuzmina

Class of 2023

Rhetoric and Media Studies and Psychology, with minors in Dance and Entrepreneurial Leadership and Innovation


Abri Boyd

Class of 2023

Sociology and Anthropology

Abri Boyd


Management Team

Management Team Leaders will work more behind-the-scenes in order to prepare all the details of NSO.  These student leaders are super organized and enthusiastic. When orientation begins, the Management Team will act as the support structure for orientation events, attending to all needs that may arise and serve as friendly, helpful faces for parents and new students.
We do not have a management team for Spring 2021 nso.