The Common Reading

The Common Reading 

Fall 2022:  Essays by Steph Littlebird.

This year’s Common Reading is four articles written by Steph Littlebird. Littlebird is a Kalapuyan visual artist, professional writer, and curator from Portland, Oregon. Her article series for Oregon Arts Watch focused on Oregon Tribes and the ways they cultivate resilience within their communities.

We ask that you read the following 4 articles before the Common Reading event on August 25th.

Steph Littlebird, the Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde.

Past Common Readings

Fall 2020: A Map of Lost things 

By Jamila Osman

Fall 2021: Taking Up Space

By Mareshah “MJ” Jackson

Book and Instagram Recommendations from the Common Reading Author for 2021, MJ Jackson: 

“Black Faces, White Spaces” by Carolyn Finney
“Discovering Portland Parks” by Owen Wozniak
“Black Fatigue” by Mary-Frances Winters
The 99% Invisible City” by Kurt Kohlstedt
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